Ram Lalla has also decided to hand over power to his devotee ‘Modi’ for third time: Yogi

Yogi also said, “Bhay Bin Hoye Na Preet (There can be no love without fear).”

Ram Lalla has also decided to hand over power to his devotee ‘Modi’ for third time: Yogi

PM Modi and Yogi Adityanath (Photo:IANS)

In a blistering attack on the opposition, Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath likened the deeds of Congress and the Samajwadi Party to Ravana(chief antagonist in the Hindu epic Ramayana).

“Ravana’s spirit lives on through the SP and Congress, whose actions reflect the same.

“Congress denied the existence of Lord Ram, and its intellectuals opposed the construction of the Ram temple in India. SP is two steps ahead of them. Bullets were fired on Ram devotees, now their general secretary says that the Ram temple is worthless. The SP even ordered the opening of fire upon Ram devotees. Now, their general secretary says the Ram temple is worthless,” he remarked.



The CM added, “But whatever Ram Lalla wishes will definitely happen, and he has chosen to grant power to his devotee Modi for a third term this time.”

Addressing a rally in a public meeting in support of BJP candidate Kripashankar Singh from Jaunpur, he said, “Bhay Bin Hoye Na Preet (There can be no love without fear).”

He emphasised, “Pakistan’s tone has changed because it recognizes this is Modi’s India, one that strikes decisively. The SP used to open fire on Ram devotees and withdrew cases against terrorists involved in attacks on Sankat Mochan Mandir Kashi and Ayodhya.”

Taking a dig at the SP, the CM said, “These people did not express condolence on the death of ‘Ram Bhakt’ Kalyan Singh, but visited the homes of notorious mafias from Purvanchal to mourn theirs. The SP and the mafia are closely intertwined and inseparable.”

He said they were determined to eradicate Ramdrohis’, anti-nationals, and the mafia that exploit the poor in Uttar Pradesh.

The CM launched a scathing critique against the SP-Congress alliance, cautioning people against their ”malicious intentions”.

Referring to Congress leader Rahul Gandhi’s proposal to eradicate poverty through a comprehensive property survey, Adityanath warned that this approach would result in the confiscation of ordinary citizens’ homes, lands, assets, and half of their property by the ‘thugs’ affiliated with the SP and Congress.

Drawing a historical parallel, he likened the mindset of the SP-Congress to that of Aurangzeb, infamous for his cruelty and tyranny within the Mughal Sultanate, highlighting their endorsement of similar authoritarian tactics.

He affirmed that the spirit of Aurangzeb, buried in history, would not be allowed to resurface under BJP’s watch.

The Chief Minister assured the people that the BJP MLAs and MP candidates are committed to ushering in such unprecedented development that Jaunpur will become a global hub for job opportunities.

He emphasised that the alliance between the SP and Congress, forming the ‘Indi alliance’, serves as a warning sign. Reflecting on past events, he noted that during the terrorist attack in Ayodhya, the state was under an SP government, while Congress at governed the Centre. Similarly, these parties held power during attacks on Sankat Mochan, Ayodhya-Varanasi, and Lucknow courts, he added.

He contrasted this with the BJP’s governance, highlighting the effective dismantling of terrorism.

The CM added, “Under the SP administration, miscreants exploited ration provisions, whereas, under BJP rule, 80 crore people are availing rations.”

The Chief Minister affirmed that under BJP’s governance, there will be no intrusion into citizens’ properties through surveys, nor will any discriminatory ‘Jizya tax’ (a tax historically levied on dhimmis, that is, protected non-Muslim subjects of a state governed by Islamic law) be imposed.

He pledged to safeguard the reservation rights of Backwards, Scheduled Castes and Tribes, ensuring they remained intact.

Highlighting past instances in Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka where backward caste reservation was extended to Muslims during other parties’ administrations, he vowed to protect Hindu reservation rights steadfastly.

The CM urged people to deny vote to those opposing the construction of the Ram Temple, as well as supporting terrorism, Naxalism, rioters, and those sympathizing with the mafia.

The Chief Minister detailed the ongoing developmental initiatives, highlighting significant achievements. He mentioned the inauguration of the state-of-the-art cancer hospital in Varanasi, eliminating residents’ need to seek treatment in Mumbai. Additionally, the commencement of the Medical College in Jaunpur and establishing an ethanol plant in Shahganj were emphasised.

The ethanol plant is anticipated to generate employment opportunities for hundreds of individuals. To further bolster local employment prospects, the CM suggested that the MLA could establish an ITI adjacent to the ethanol plant, offering training tailored to its operations. This holistic approach aims to facilitate job creation on a global scale for the region’s populace.

Furthermore, the CM emphasised the administration’s commitment to accelerating industrial investments, signalling an end to the unrest and curfews in Uttar Pradesh.

Adityanath emphasised Jaunpur’s renowned reputation for its fragrance, symbolised by its perfume (Ittar), culinary specialty ‘Imarti’, and honesty tradition (‘itra, imarti, imandari’).

He praised the people of Jaunpur for carrying this ethos wherever they venture, leaving an imprint of integrity. Acknowledging the transformative leadership of the MLA in Shahganj, who actively contributes to development alongside the government, he expressed confidence in MP candidate Kripashankar Singh’s ability to continue this trajectory.

Recognizing the significance of roots, he underscored the decision to bring Singh back to Jaunpur. Despite Jaunpur’s historical contributions to science, Yogi lamented the impediments to development imposed by the previous SP-Congress administration.