Congress leader Rahul Gandhi at ‘Yuva Aakrosh Rally’ in Jaipur on Tuesday launched an attack on Prime Minister Narendra Modi and challenged him to go to any University and answer the questions of the youth.

“These questions are related to unemployment, dividing the country, spoiling the image of the country. The PM will not be able to answer, he can only make false promises,” he added.

“Every generation has its own responsibility. The challenges before us are big, but you do not have to be afraid. Our biggest strength is in our villages and cities and that is the youth of India,” Rahul Gandhi said.

Rahul Gandhi also launched an attack on Prime Minister Narendra Modi for the economic slowdown by saying the Prime Minister has ‘no knowledge’ of the economy.

He said the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is growing at only at 2.5 per cent. “During UPA, India grew at 9 per cent. The entire world was looking towards us. Today, you have different parameters to measure GDP and you have 5% rate, if you use old parameters, then India is growing at 2.5 per cent,” he said.

“Not a single trader benefited from GST except Ambani-Adani. Truth be told, PM Modi has not yet understood GST. He can implement things like demonetisation, which are of no use,” Congress leader said.

He further attacked PM Modi for the failure of demonetisation and said that even an eight-year old would say that the notes ban did more harm than good.

Gandhi also attacked PM Modi of destroying the image of India abroad.

“We have to bring back India’s dignity in the world. India will compete with China with love and Made In India can again defeat Made In China,” he said.

“PM Modi has ruined the honour of India. The world looked up to the brotherhood of India. The world used to look at Pakistan and say – there’s an atmosphere of violence. Pakistan is a divided country, while in India there is unity,” Gandhi said.