International Hindu Parishad president Pravin Togadia on Wednesday said he would launch a political party in a month’s time and rope in candidates for almost all the seats in the upcoming Lok Sabha election.

He said the preparations for floating the party had already been initiated, adding that he would soon announce the name of the party.

On a day-long visit to Jodhpur, Togadia claimed that the BJP-led central government had failed on every front and the people of the country needed an alternative.

“The (Narendra) Modi government has failed on every front. All factions of the society such as farmers, workers, the youth and businessmen are annoyed with the policies of the Modi government,” he said.

“Keeping this in view and to provide relief to the people of the country, we are going to form a political party and will contest from almost all the seats in the upcoming Lok Sabha election,” Togadia said, adding that his party would work for all sections of the society.

He refused to disclose the name of the party, but said the required formalities had already been completed and he would soon announce the name of his political front.

“Because of the disappointment with the Modi government, his party (BJP) had to face a rout in the recently-held Assembly elections. This government has lost the trust of the people on every front,” Togadia said.

He added that the Modi government did nothing for the construction of the Ram temple in Ayodhya, bringing Hindus back to Jammu and Kashmir, employment of the youth and the farmers’ issues.

“The Modi government also destroyed the employment generating small scale industries of the country and compelled about six crore small shops to down shutters by allowing Walmart in India,” Togadia said.

He said his party would work on its agenda of building the Ram temple at the earliest, resolving farmers’ issues by implementing the recommendations of the Swaminathan report, reviving the small scale industries and the six crore shops shut because of Walmart.