Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday underlined the need for drawing young generation to science for the larger welfare of the common people.

The Prime Minister’s comment came during his monthly Mann Ki Baat broadcast. It assumes importance in view of India’s declining contribution to the new scientific innovation and thinking having a direct bearing on the well-being of the common people.

“The attraction for science among our young generation should increase. The country needs more scientists. When science is harnessed keeping in mind the needs of the common people, it becomes the most valuable contributor to general humanity," Modi said.

Responding to a query of one of his listeners about the recent launch of 104 satellites by the Isro, Modi said: “After the successful mission of sending Mangalyaan to Mars, Isro scripted a world record in the arena of space. Isro has successfully launched 104 satellites simultaneously into space.

“These satellites belonged to various countries…India has created history by becoming the first country to launch successfully 104 satellites into space in one go,” he further added.

About the successful test-firing of a ballistic interceptor missile by Indian scientists he said it is a rare feat and puts India in a club of a few who have this capability. He said in this case the intercepter missile destroyed an enemy missile at an altitude of 100 km.

Modi said difficult situations often throw up the challenge of finding scientific solutions to them. He said this happened in the wake of 2005 Mumbai floods when scientists developed dwelling units that only protect its occupants against flood but also ensures there is no water logging.