Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday chaired a high-level meeting to review the planning and preparations being undertaken for vaccination against Coronavirus, as and when a vaccine is available.

He also highlighted four guiding principles that will form the foundation of this national effort.

The Prime Minister noted that vaccination of India’s vast and diverse population will need to factor in issues including those related to the management of medical supply chains, prioritisation of at-risk populations, coordination between different agencies involved in the process, as well as the role of the private sector and civil society in this national endeavour.

He said that vaccination of anyone, anywhere should take place, i.e without imposition of any domicile related restrictions for getting the vaccine and that vaccination must be affordable and universal – no person should be left behind.

And finally, PM Modi said that the entire process from production to vaccination should be monitored and supported in real time with the use of technology

Prime Minister Modi also directed officials to evaluate in a broad manner available technology options that can form the backbone of the national endeavor to vaccinate all in the most efficient and timely manner. Prime Minister directed that detailed planning for such large scale vaccination should be undertaken immediately.

The high-level meeting comes even as doctors and the researchers worldwide are working round the clock to find a medicine for the novel Coronavirus or COVID-19.

India recorded a spike of 18,522 cases in the last 24 hours, pushing the total tally of Coronavirus cases to 5,66,840, with the number of fatalities inching closer to 17,000-mark.