A Pakistani woman who has been residing in India from the last 35 years, was granted the Indian nationality. Zubeda, a 55-year-old Pakistani woman married to Syed Mohammad Zaved, a resident of Muzaffarnagar, Bihar was residing in the country on a long-term visa.

As per a local intelligence official, Zubeda had applied for the citizenship right after getting married to Zaved, who lives in Yogenderpur locality here, 35 years ago. The citizenship application was not accepted on some legal grounds back then.

Since 1994, she had been staying in India on a long-term visa, and was granted Indian citizenship early this week, the official said.

After getting the citizenship, she can now apply for the Aadhaar, Ration and Voter ID card and enjoy the benefits of Indian citizenship.

Zubeda has two daughters, Rumesha, 30-year-old and Zumesha, 26-year-old, and both of them are married.

According to the official data, about 25 Pakistani women, married to Indian nationals, are living in Muzaffarnagar district on long-term visa.