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‘Padmaavat’ timeline: Trail of controversies that changed course for SLB’s film

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Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s upcoming historical drama is finally going to witness a worldwide release on January 25. But the film had its fair share of controversies before actually making it to the big screen.

From vendalising the set in Jaipur last year in January to violent threats given to Bhansali and Deepika Padukone, Padmaavat has become one of the most controversial films of Bollywood and sparked a nationwide debate on the ban of the film.

The film starring Deepika, Ranveer Singh and Shahid Kapoor in the lead roles has faced criticism since day one and the controversy surrounding the film still continues with various fringe groups demanding a nationwide ban for the film on January 25.

Before the film’s release, let’s go through the controversial series of events that changed the course of action;

Set vandalised in Jaipur

Bhansali started shooting for Padmaavat in January 2017 in Jaipur and much to his surprise after warnings from Karni Sena and other fringe groups he was officially paid a visit by the groups on the sets. The fringe groups not only did vandalise the set, but also reportedly assaulted Bhansali for daring to make a film on the Rajputs and distorting the facts.

Mumbai attacks

Still waters run deep. He will rise on the 1st of December. Wait for it. #rajputpride

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After what happened in Jaipur, the director realised it’s not safe to shoot the film there and shifted the entire schedule to Mumbai. But was he actually safe there? The supporters of Karni Sena not only showed up at the location of the shoot but attacked the crew and destroyed the set with petrol bombs. This incident shook the entire nation and left Padmaavat‘s fate in despair.

No respect for sentiments


After the release of the first official poster of the film featuring Deepika as Rani Padmini one fan of the actress created an imitation of the actress on a Rangoli. Karan, a Surat based artiste, created the exact imitation of Padmaavat‘s first poster, which took him 48 hrs to create the beautiful rangoli picture. But this devotion didn’t go well with the fringe groups as they destroyed the rangoli in mere seconds and threatened the artiste not to repeat this ‘mistake’ again. Deepika took to her Twitter account to express her disgust over the terrible incident.

Ban ‘Padmavati’

After the release of the film’s trailer, things got uglier when Karni Sena along with other fringe groups started to destroy cinema houses and demanded a nationwide ban on the film. The film was scheduled to release on December 1, 2017 but after a series of shocking events, including threats, women committing ‘Jauhar’ and a man found dead by committing suicide in Nahargarh Fort, Jaipur. Supreme Court of India decided to postpone the release date of the film for an indefinite period of time to bring the situation to ease.

Threats to Bhansali and Deepika

Postponing the film was not an answer for the Karni Sena as they were firm on their demands of the film getting banned. The Kerni Sena openly threatened to chop off Bhansali and Deepika’s head and even offered a bounty of Rs.5 crore to the person who will being their severed heads. This controversy shook the film industry and made them vocal about how one should not jump to conclusions before even watching the film.

‘Ghoomar’ debate

If the trailer didn’t spark much controversy, the first song of the film did. Ghoomar, the first song released, featured Deepika dancing in the show, which subsequently hurt the sentiments of Rajputs. According to the Rajputs, the song was a disgrace for women of Rajput, who never comes in front of their husband without their face being covered. One Karni Sena leader even threatened to chop-off Deepika’s nose for showcasing their ‘Rani Ma’ in such bad light.

Removal of ‘I’

CBFC finally gave their clearance for the release of the film with some cuts and change in the name of the film. Padmavati was renamed to Padmaavat ahead of its worldwide release on January 25. The previous trailer and post with the same name was removed from the social media and a new trailer with the new name was released on January 15. The film is now all set to release across globe except some states in India.

Current status

Controversies surrounding the film are far from over, as after the SC rejecting many petitions to ban the film in various states, Karni Sena has yet again threatened the government and the makers that they will burn down cinema houses showing the film. The fringe groups want a total ban nationwide on the film and if their demands are not fulfilled, they will burn down cinema houses and women will commit ‘Jauhar’ outside cinema houses.

Padmaavat after getting cleared from CBFC will release worldwide on January 25 in Hindi, Tamil and Telugu in 2D, 3D and 3D IMAX.