One groom, two brides tie in a nuptial bond in Tonk district

One groom, two brides tie in a nuptial bond in Tonk district

[Photo : SNS]

It was neither a love affair, nor a live-in relationship, nor was there a panchayat order. A young groom tied the knot with, not one, but two brides at a village in Niwai town of the Tonk district of Rajasthan recently at a religious ceremony.

The brides were none other than two real sisters living with their parents at Khation-ki-Dhani of Sendra village, and the 23-year old groom from a farmer family was from Morjhala-ki-Jhonparia of Uniara town.

Not only close relatives but also some uninvited guests from both sides of the villages thronged the venue to watch the rare occasion where the unique marriage was being solemnised with all religious rituals in a ‘Mandap’  at Sendra on the night of night May 5.  The groom took ‘saat pheras’ with two brides amidst chant of vedic mantras by a priest.


A wedding card was printed in which the family boldly invited for the wedding of their son Hari Om with Kanta and Suman.

“All three of them are happy and enjoying the marital bliss,” Hariram, elder brother of Hari Om, told The Statesman when contacted.

Everyone is welcome to express his/her views on how the groom could cope with two brides in one home, Hariram said.

The reason for the lucky man to marry two real sisters could be surprising to most. The elder sister, Kanta, whom his brother proposed had set a condition that he would marry her younger sister Suman too along with her. Hari Om, who is preparing for MA examination, did not agree, but on constant persuasion, conceded to the match.

“The younger bride being mentally weak is dependent on her elder sister. The elder sister too wanted to live with her younger sister after getting married,” Hariram said.

“After the marriage, Kanta is taking care of Suman in the joint family of the groom. Hari Meanwhile, Om has decided to take her second wife to a specialist doctor for checkup and treatment,” he said.