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Old infirm prisoners serving life term to be granted early release in UP

State Chief Secretary Durga Shankar Mishra has sought a list of prisoners eligible for early release from the jail authorities.

Statesman News Service | Lucknow |


In a humanitarian gesture, the government of Uttar Pradesh has sought a report for the release of very old prisoners and ailing convicts serving life imprisonment in the state jails.

Instructions have been issued to the UP State Legal Services Authority to provide a list of such prisoners in all jails in the state within a month. In this regard, state Chief Secretary Durga Shankar Mishra has issued directives to all the officers, official sources here on Friday said.

The Yogi-led BJP Government has taken numerous reforms to revamp the prisons of the state. Various measures are being carried out at the headquarters level, such as skill development for prisoners and monitoring their human rights.

The chief secretary has sought a list of prisoners eligible for early release from the jail authorities.

It has also been instructed that the report of such cases in which a decision has already been made should be sent to the government. Prisoners over the age of 70 years or suffering from critical diseases should be prioritized, and all necessary action should be taken to ensure their release within the next two months.

In addition, he also directed the Uttar Pradesh State Legal Services Authority to establish necessary priorities within two weeks to clear all other pending cases.

However, some caution has also been directed in this regard. It has been asked to set a priority for release in accordance with the rules outlined in the Uttar Pradesh Prisoner Probation Rules and Jail Manual.

Along with this, several provisions have also been listed to be kept in mind in the event of releasing the convict. For instance, does the crime committed fall under the category of crime confined to the individual without affecting the society at large? Is there any apprehension of the prisoner committing an offence in the future? Is a convicted criminal incapable of re-offending? Is there any meaningful purpose in further detaining the prisoner in jail? And whether the socio-economic condition of the prisoner’s family is suitable for premature release of the prisoner?