Fringe ‘secularists’ in India opposing CAA should stop living in denial and listen to slogans like ‘Hum Badla Lenge Shikho se’ (We will take revenge from Sikhs) and ‘Hum Chir Denge Sikho Ko’ (We’ll rip-off Sikhs) being raised in Nankana Sahib Ji, said Union Minister Harpdeep Singh Puri on Saturday in a tweet.

The incident is an eye-opener for those who opposed CAA, he added.

Puri’s response came on the Friday’s incident of stone-pelting at Nankana Sahib gurdwara in Pakistan.

“Vandalism, stone pelting & acts of descrecation at the holiest of holy Sri Nankana Sahib Gurudwara yesterday should be an eye opener for those who refuse to recognize religious persecution of minorities in Pakistan & the rationale behind CAA,” he tweeted.

“These shameful incidents clearly highlight the threats which minorities face to their right to practice their religion,” he added.

He also tagged a video in a tweet in which a person is threatening of building a mosque at the place of Gurdwara, and said the persecution of religious minorities in Pakistan is real.

Another BJP leader and MP from East Delhi constituency, Gautam Gambhir, also took to Twitter on the issue and said, “Death threats and stone pelting to innocent tourists to support forcible conversion of a girl. This is Pakistan and that is why India supports CAA.”

In a shocking incident of violence against minorities in Pakistan, hundreds of angry Muslims gathered outside the Nankana Sahib Gurdwara — the birthplace of Guru Nanak — and pelted stones at the shrine with devotees inside on Friday evening.

The mob was being reportedly led by the family of Mohammad Hassan, the boy who allegedly abducted and converted Sikh girl Jagjit Kaur, who is the daughter of the gurdwara’s granthi.

The angry mob gheraoed the holy shrine, leaving many devotees stranded inside. The protesters threatened to destroy the gurdwara and build a mosque in its place.