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“Lord Ram is everyone’s god, was sent by Allah for showing path to people”: Farooq Abdullah

Farooq was addressing a rally at Garnai in Udhampur district, on the occasion of Jammu and Kashmir National Panthers Party (JKNNP) Foundation Day.

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Jammu & Kashmir National Conference chief Farooq Abdulla on Thursday, hit out at the Bharatiya Janata Party accusing it of using the name of ‘Ram’ only for votes, and said that Lord Ram is the god of everyone.

He was addressing a rally at Garnai in Udhampur district, on the occasion of Jammu and Kashmir National Panthers Party (JKNNP) Foundation Day. While addressing the event, apparently referring to the elections, Abdullah said, “The exams (elections) are coming very soon, and huge amounts of money will be flown here. Our mothers and daughters will be repeatedly told about the temple. It might also happen, that they (BJP) will inaugurate the Ram Mandir on that day only”.

“This will be done so that, people forget about rising inflation and unemployment, and think that only they (BJP) are the devotees of Ram,” the NC chief added.

He further said that Lord Ram is the god of everyone, and accused the BJP of “selling” Lord Ram.

“But, I want to tell you that Lord Ram is not just the god of Hindus, this should be taken off minds. Lord Ram is the god of everyone, Muslims, Christians, and others. Similarly, Allah is also everyone’s God, not just of Muslims. A very prominent writer from Pakistan, who passed away recently, wrote that Ram was also sent by Allah to show the right path to the people. So, those who say that we are the only devotees of Ram, are fools. They only want to sell Ram, they don’t have any affection for him, they only have affection for power,” Abdullah said.

The former Union Minister added, “That’s why I would like to tell the mothers and daughters, that we have to end this seed of hate being sown. In Varanasi, a huge Diya lighting ceremony was organised, but poor women were seen collecting oil from the Diyas. This shows the condition”.

He urged the people to keep the freedom fighters in mind, who fought for the country’s freedom while giving votes.

“Always remember the power of your vote. Remember, how all the freedom fighters got together for throwing the British out? They didn’t discriminate on caste or religion, they just wanted to make throw the British out. Always keep those freedom fighters in mind, who gave you the power to vote and change power,” he said.

Alleging that EVMs can be “manipulated”, Farooq Abdullah asked the people to be ready to fight for their rights.

“I ask all party workers to check the EVM when they come. It should not happen, that you press some button, but the vote only goes for some flowers (BJP). When the EVM machine first came to J-K, I was the Chief Minister. The election officials themselves told me that EVM can be manipulated, and I myself saw people being threatened not to vote. So, be ready, if you have to fight to bring our party to power. That’s the right Shaheed Bhagat Singh and other freedom fighters have given you,” the former CM further said.