Kejriwal seeks 7-day bail extension to undergo medical tests

Kejriwal’s Aam Aadmi Party said that the Delhi CM has been advised to undergo PET-CT scan and other medical tests.

Kejriwal seeks 7-day bail extension to undergo medical tests

File Photo: Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Monday said he has filed a petition in the Supreme Court seeking an extension on medical grounds of his interim bail by seven days to undergo tests “as there could be some serious disease”.

Kejriwal had got interim bail from the Supreme Court till June 1 in a money laundering case connected to the alleged excise policy scam.

Addressing a press conference alongwith Punjab Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann in Bhatinda, the Delhi Chief Minister said, “My weight has fallen a lot. If a person’s weight falls by 7 kg in a month without any reason, then it is a very serious problem. So the doctors have prescribed several tests.”


Kejriwal said he has asked for 7 days so that he can get all his medical tests done within a week.

“I have asked for 7 days so that I can get all my tests done within a week,” the Delhi Chief Minister said.

“There could be some serious disease going on inside,” he said.

“The doctors said that if all the tests are done then at least we will know whether some serious disease is going on inside or not,” Kejriwal said.

Kejriwal has filed an application before the top court seeking a seven-day extension of interim bail to undergo medical examinations, including a PET-CT scan.

The top court had ordered the release of CM Kejriwal on interim bail in the money laundering case linked to the alleged excise policy scam case till June 1 and directed him to surrender on June 2.

As per the Aam Aadmi Party, Kejriwal’s health has deteriorated since he was arrested in the alleged Delhi excise scam.

The party has said the Delhi Chief Minister has lost 7 kg in weight after his arrest and his Ketone levels are also very high indicating a serious medical disorder.

The party has further said the CM was required to do medical tests and seven days were needed for this.

Meanwhile, Delhi Cabinet Minister Atishi said Kejriwal’s weight loss is a matter of concern for doctors.

“Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal has filed for a seven-day extension of his interim bail. When he was in ED custody, judicial custody, he lost seven kg of weight. This sudden weight loss is a matter of concern for doctors. Despite being out of custody and under medical supervision, he has not been able to regain that weight again,” Atishi said.

She said the early test indicated high ketone levels which could be the indicator of some serious medical ailments.

“Early tests have indicated that his ketone levels are extremely high. Unexplained sudden weight loss along with high ketone levels could be the indicator of some serious medical ailments, including damage to the kidneys, including cancer. Therefore doctors have suggested that he needs to have a set of series of investigations including a PET scan of his entire body and other such serious tests,” the AAP leader said.