The Border Security Force (BSF) in the Jammu frontier is successfully facing the challenge of Pakistan’s attempts to bypass the border fence and fly arms and ammunition for terrorists through drones and also dig tunnels across the border to push in trained terrorists.

A spokesman of BSF said on the raising day of the force on Tuesday that various new threats from Pakistan were faced by the BSF troops during the current year.

Drone activity by Pakistan elements from across the border presented a big challenge to border domination by BSF in Jammu region. Due to the utmost alertness and pro-active approach of the BSF, a Pakistani Hexacopter, which was carrying arms and ammunition was shot down in Kathua near zero line on 20 June 2020. It was first of its kind operational achievement in India where a drone carrying a payload of arms and ammunition was shot down by BSF troops and averted a major terrorist action by Pakistani elements.

Alert BSF troops also foiled the nefarious intentions of Pakistan drug smugglers when it seized 62 Kgs (valued of 300 crore) of heroin along with arms and amns on 20 September 2020. This drug haul by BSF was one of the biggest seizure in Jammu border by any agency.

Due to its constant search and active domination BSF troops also detected 2 tunnels dug by Pakistan in Samba area on 28 August and 22 November 2020 respectively. These tunnels were meant to be used by Pakistan to infiltrate terrorists.

BSF also made a huge recovery of arms and ammunition in September in the Poonch area along with other security agencies.

The robust border domination also saw foiling of two infiltration attempts within a fortnight in Samba, wherein during the intervening night of 14, 15 September and 26,27 September, two different groups of 4 to 5 Pakistani terrorists who were trying to enter Indian territory were engaged by alert BSF troops. Resultantly, these groups had to make a hasty retreat to Pakistan territory.

Apart from above, BSF also shot down a Pak intruder on 23 November and apprehended 11 persons moving in suspicious circumstances in the border area during the last eleven months while dominating the Border. The BSF in the Jammu region ensured foolproof safety and security of public living in border area and extended all possible help to them.

The year 2020 has been very eventful operationally as well as due to the challenges of COVID-19 pandemic. However, BSF Jammu has stood the test of time on both operational and pandemic counts.

Apart from dominating the volatile and active border in Jammu region, the BSF troops diligently handled the Covid-19 pandemic. BSF Commanders at all levels from Kathua to Poonch were successful in combating both the fronts successfully.