Four and half centuries after iconic Hussain Sagar Lake was dug to supply drinking water to inhabitants, the city is all set to get a new reservoir as chief minister K Chandrasekhar Rao directed officials to construct one in order to mitigate drinking water problems in the twin cities.

Hussain Sagar stopped supplying drinking water to the city sometime in 1930s and has become badly polluted as sewage and industrial waste are dumped in the historic lake. Two more reservoirs Osmansagar on river Musi and Himayatsagar on River Esa were also built at the outskirts of the city during the Nizami rule, primarily for flood control and also for supplying drinking water. However, in recent times rapid encroachment has reduced their water storage capacity and are often found to be dry. The city’s drinking water is currently met by water from river Krishna and Godavari. Water in river Krishna too has been dwindling in recent times. Chief minister K Chandrasekhar Rao today held a meeting with officials and directed them to build a new reservoir at Kesavaram in Chevalla mandal of Ranga Reddy district which is adjoining Hyderabad city. The state’s IT hub and financial district are located in Ranga Reddy. “ At present we are diverting water from Krishna and Godavari rivers from quite a distance. Despite this we are unable to fulfil the drinking water needs of the people of Hyderabad,” said Mr Rao. Instructing officials to construct the new reservoir Mr Rao said 10 per cent of the water from the massive Kaleshwaram project on river Godavari will be allocated to Hyderabad as decided before. “Construct a reservoir and water treatment plant at Kesavaram.Drinking water should be supplied to the city from here,” he said while directing officials to prepare estimates for both the construction of reservoir and laying down of pipelines.

Since the city is bursting at its seams he asked officials that every household within Outer Ring Road should get a water connection. The water crisis in Chennai this summer has badly rattled people although Telangana for the past few years has been trying to recharge its ground water through various efforts.

The Hussain Sagar Lake was built by Ibrahim Quli Qutb Shah. It is an artificial lake which was constructed even before the city of Hyderabad was founded by Muhammad Quli Qutb Shah.