Disguised as a common pilgrim, superstar Rajinikanth visited Badrinath temple in district Chamoli on Wednesday. In a move to cause no inconvenience to common devotees, the film star wore a monkey cap and covered his face with a white shawl to visit the famous Hindu shrine. Rajinikanth reached the temple complex early morning at 8 am and offered prayer.

Badrinath Kedarnath Temple Committee’s media in-charge Harish Gaur said, “Our committee’s religious officer Bhuwan Chand Uniyal performed ‘Ved Path’ and other rituals for cine star Rajinikanth. The film star prayed for peace and progress of India.”

Rajinikanth is on a pilgrimage in Uttarakhand these days. He was in Kedarnath in district Ruderprayag on Tuesday and moved by road to Badrinath. Keeping his tour simple and avoiding the VVIP treatment, the film actor sneaked inside the temple as a common devotee. Without getting noticed by any devotee.

BKTC’s religious officer Bhuwan Chand Uniyal identified the star and after completing the rituals he came out the temple with the film star. The religious officer requested Rajinikanth to remove his cap for taking a photograph. Some pilgrims were lucky to get a glimpse of the film star. But all were moved by the simplicity adopted by Rajinikanth for visiting Badrinath.