Despite the police denying permission for roadshows to political parties due to law and order guidelines issued by the Election Commission, Patidar Anamat Andolan Samiti (PAAS) leader Hardik Patel took out a rally in Ahmedabad on Monday.

All along the rally route, Hardik targeted the PM on the issue of linking the Gujarat elections to the meeting at Mani Shankar Aiyar’s home and then to Pakistan. Hardik termed it an utter ‘lie’ and said that the BJP was rattled by the probability of an election loss and is retorting to fabricated stories to save the sinking ship.

Patidar leader, covering a distance of about 1500-km from Bopal via Naranpura, Ghatlodia to Nikol, also targeted the BJP of ignoring the main state-related issues of unemployment and future of the youth and instead of talking of issues relating to Ram Mandir, Pakistan and Jammu & Kashmir. He requested the people to come together and fight the current government, which he said was an arrogant one and needed to be taught a lesson.

Hardik in Nikol broached the issue of involving Pakistan to Gujarat elections and said, “What has Pakistan to do with Gujarat elections? People who talked about development have again gone back to talk about Ram Mandir, terrorism, Jammu and Kashmir, Pakistan, but did you see them talk about development?”

The Patidar leader also targeted the BJP leaders of talking about only irrelevant issues at election rallies like the Hindu-Muslim issues, India-Pakistan issues. “Why don’t they talk about the problems people face due to GST implementation and issues related to youth? What are they doing to generate new jobs for the unemployed?” he said.

Touching the emotional chord with the gathered Patidar youth, he said that Modi did not visit homes of those killed during the reservation agitation nor has said anything on how he could help the Patidar youth and improve their future.

He requested his supporters to vote against the current government to ensure a good future of the young generation.

The final phase of the election is on December 14 and the counting will take place on December 18.