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Google honours artist Jamini Roy with doodle

IANS | New Delhi |

Google on Tuesday honoured Jamini Roy, one of the earliest and most significant modernists of Indian art, with a doodle inspired by his famous "Black Horse" painting.

"On what would be Jamini Roy's 130th birthday, we celebrate his significant contribution to the global art world with this Doodle homage, featuring one of his popular subjects," Google said in a statement.

Roy is famous for creating bold artworks reimagining traditional South Asian folk art. 

Born in 1887, Roy spent his early artistic career studying at the Government School of Art in Kolkata, and by mid-century was exhibiting his distinctive paintings in London and New York.

Trained in the British academic style of painting, Roy became well-known as a skilful portraitist, but he later consciously rejected the style and sought inspiration from East Asian calligraphy, folk arts and crafts traditions, according to India's National Gallery of Modern Art.

By the end of 1920s, Roy turned for inspiration towards the folk arts and craft traditions of his home district, Bankura in West Bengal. 

He painted ordinary rural people, scenes from epics, icons from folk cults of the region, and made witty representations of animals. 

"During his lifetime he was honored with Padma Bhushan award, and his works are considered national treasures of India," Google said.

Roy breathed his last at the age of 85 in 1972.