Indian art

Art and Nationality

‘We have a combination of perfect refinement with great creative imagination. Bharat Mata stands on the green earth. Behind her is the blue sky. Beneath the exquisite little feet is a curved line of four misty white lotuses. She has the four arms that always, to Indian thinking, indicate the divine power. Her sari is severe, even to puritanism, in its enfolding lines. And behind the noble sincerity of eyes and brow we are awed by the presence of the broad white halo. Shiksha DikshaAnna Bastra the four gifts of the Motherland to her children, she offers in her four hands,‘ wrote Sister Nivedita

Cartoons capture many hues of city 

Durga Puja that has received an intangible cultural heritage tag from UNESCO has reached an altogether new dimension with the magical touch of Sentoo.

‘What’s in a name’

To overcome the dilemma of giving a fitting name to these ethereal female figures of ancient Indian sculpture, one has to go back to the much-used quote from Shakespeare, for the names by which we identify them, any other word would find them just as beautiful.