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Delhi-Gurugram border completely sealed; movement restricted for media persons, police and doctors

Gurugram administration is taking extra precautions after the district gained the status of ‘orange zone’.

SNS | New Delhi |

Taking extra precautions over the COVID-19 pandemic, the Gurugram administration completely sealed the border with Delhi on Friday morning.

Inter-district and inter-state restriction of movement between Delhi and Gurugram will now be applicable to individuals, including media persons, police personnel and doctors.

“Individual movement has also been curtailed as we are enforcing the curbing of inter-state and inter-dist movement. Be it media persons/Police/doctors, their inter-state and inter-district movement through these borders (Delhi-Gurugram border) will also not be allowed,” said ACP Karan Goyal.

Earlier, the ACP had said that the restrictions will not be applied to media persons. He further said that for healthcare professionals living in Gurugram, arrangements would be made there.

The cross-border transit into Gurugram was prohibited from 10 am.

Only vehicles involved in the movement of essential goods and services and certain government offices are exempted.

As result of sealing of border, chaos prevailed at Sirhaul, Dundahera and Nathupur borders. Some of the residents of Gurugram who are trapped in Delhi after the lockdown desperately wanted to return Gurugram. Many of them literally pleaded with the cops but they were refused by Gurugram Police.

At 10 am, an MLA from Samalkha, a police personnel of Delhi having health issues, and a nursing staff were also denied permission to enter Gurugram at Sirhaul border. The police however allowed them after 2 hours after they repeatedly requested them with valid health reasons.

Gurugram administration is taking extra precautions after the district gained the status of ‘orange zone’. Ministry of health and family welfare has upgraded status of Gurugram after cases have gone up.

Gurugram district has 57 positive cases of COVID-19 and 38 of them have been discharged now.

Besides Gurugram, Nuh and Panipat also come under orange zone while Sonepat and Faridabad are in the red zones.