Camera drones are being used in the North East Delhi and its neighborhoods by the police and security forces in order to curb the escalation of tension.

The violence that erupted out of the protests against the contentious Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA), has taken the lives of 34 people, as of now.

Since Wednesday night, the security forces monitored the area with a drone camera and the security forces even approached the locals seeking assistance from them to control the situation.

Drone cameras were installed last evening in Maujpur — the pivotal spot of recent violence, and Kabir Nagar areas.

Sources told that the locals are also assisting the security forces to maintain peace in the surrounding by providing information on ‘suspicious elements and movements’.

“People here are feeling relieved due to the presence of security forces. We have also maintained vigilance in the streets along with security forces after midnight,” a resident was quoted by IANS as saying.

“The presence of paramilitary forces has brought a sense of security to the people here,” another resident added.

However, tension still persists in the area as all the markets remained shut today and essentials such as schools, hospitals, banks, nursing homes, etc remained affected. Public transport was also not available in the area due to the tense situation.

The metro stations in and around Maujpur have been opened for the convenience of the people.

Security forces also instructed the people not to come out from their houses until it is very necessary.

People in the area said “even as there is peace in the area, it is temporary”.