CAA is the fastest guarantee of Modi: PM in Azamgarh

Prime Minister Narendra Modi said on Thursday that the latest example of what Modi’s guarantee means is the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA).

CAA is the fastest guarantee of Modi: PM in Azamgarh

PM Modi in UP (Photo:SNS)

Prime Minister Narendra Modi said on Thursday that the latest example of what Modi’s guarantee means is the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA). He said the country has started granting citizenship under the CAA.

He accused the Samajwadi Party and Congress of spreading lies about the CAA, and trying to push the country towards riots.

” You must have seen that just yesterday, refugees started getting citizenship under the CAA. All these people are Hindu, Buddhist, Jain and Parsi who have been living in the country for a long time as refugees and were victims of partition of the country done on the basis of religion,” he said.


Addressing an election meeting in Lalganj Lok Sabha seat in Azamgarh District, the Prime Minister said enthusiasm of Lalganj of UP clearly shows that the blessings of the people are with BJP-NDA. This was PM Modi’s first public meeting in Purvanchal.

Attacking the Congress, the PM said ,”They climb the ladder of power by taking the name of Mahatma Gandhi but do not remember his teachings. Mahatma Gandhi had said that people tortured in other countries can come to India”.

Modi said that in order to save the honour, religion and culture of daughters, people were forced to take refuge in India due to hardships, adding that this was not the vote bank of Congress.

“When atrocities took place there, what did the people in the Indi Alliance of Congress and SP do in the name of vote bank politics? They created a mountain of lies in the name of CAA and tried to throw the entire country, including UP, into riots. Till today, they say that Modi has brought the CAA but they will end it. No one can end it, ” he stressed.

Modi said that he has unmasked these hypocritical communalists who instigated fights between Hindu and Muslims for vote bank politics.

“This is Modi’s guarantee that whatever strength you may gather from anywhere in the country or abroad, no one can remove the CAA. In a few months, the refugees living like orphans from Bengal to Punjab will get respect and recognition and will be entitled to be called sons of Mother India,” he announced.

The PM said that Kashmir was an election issue every time in the past five-six decades. ” You must have now noticed that the people opposing us have stopped speaking and have been locked out. They (opposition) go to those areas and say that Article 370 will be reinstated. The question is not about Modi, the way the fourth phase of voting was conducted in Srinagar … after 40 years, democracy and the Constitution were glorified there,” he added.

Modi said the enthusiasm of the people of Srinagar shows that now no one will be able to do vote bank politics after abrogation of Article 370.

” The mothers-sisters of the soldiers were worried about the blasts and stone pelting on the soil of Kashmir, which has now ended. It was Modi’s guarantee. There were strikes in the country, there was danger of death, there were terrorist threats. Now the record has been broken. Such work can be done only by those who have love for their nation,” he claimed.

The PM said that the identity of Azamgarh was changed and defamed in the past. “If there was an explosion somewhere, people’s attention would go to Azamgarh. At that time, the SP government did not think anything about the prestige of Azamgarh. At that time, the prince of SP respected the rioters, released the terrorists and they were given political cover while terrorism flourished,” he alleged.

Modi alleged that ”SP-Congress’ shop sells fake goods”. These people want to get the votes of tribals, backwards and others but they will take away their rights and property, he said, and alleged further that the Congress during its previous rule wanted to allocate 15 per cent of the government budget for minorities.