The FIR filed by Bajrang Dal district convener Yogesh Raj in the case of alleged cow slaughter at the Syana police station of district Bulandshahr has raised questions over the authenticity of the names of the accused listed as it includes two minor boys.

It may be noted that a large-scale violence erupted in Syana area on Monday after reports of alleged cow slaughter which claimed two lives, including that of an inspector and a young man from the village.

In another police complaint filed against the vandals, Bajrang Dal leader Yogesh Raj is the primary accused while 28 other persons have been named in the FIR filed by police.

Surprisingly, the complaint lodged by Yogesh Raj contains names of two minor boys aged 10 and 12 years.

The matter came to light when Syana police went to the house of one of the minor boys.

The police too were apparently shocked to see the two boys whom they have gone to arrest. Both the minors were taken to the police station while the father of one of the two also accompanied them.

The three were made to sit for about four hours at the Syana police station, told the father. “The police came to our house, called us to the police station and kept us there for four hours. They took the names of the boys and took my phone number. I was told we would be called again if required,” the father said.

“We are unnecessarily facing problems for none of our fault,” he said asking how anyone could believe that children of their age group could be involved in anything like cow slaughter, expressing concern over the future of the two kids.

“We are facing problems due to the ridiculous nature of the complaint and the resulting confusion,” he said.

SP city of Bulandshahr Praveen Ranjan Singh admitted that the matter has come to their notice and they have instructed the area police to investigate the matter.