After being chosen as the legislative party leader in a meeting of the JD(S) MLAs in Bengaluru, HD Kumaraswamy held a press conference and accused the BJP of offering Rs 100 core cash to each of his lawmakers in a bid to sway them away.

Asserting that there is no question of forming an alliance with the BJP, Kumaraswamy said, “JD(S) MLAs are being offered Rs 100 crore each. Where is this black money coming from? They are supposedly the servers of poor people and they are offering money today. Where are the income tax officials? I want to ask a question that whether BJP and our honourable PM believe in horse trading.”

“Will the governor encourage ‘horse-trading’ or uphold democracy? It saddens me that I am not going to be the chief minister of a majority party but we should fight for democracy, no matter what,” he added.

Kumaraswamy, who met the Governor of Karanataka on Tuesday, told reporters that he pointed out to Governor Vajubhai Vala that in Goa and Manipur, Governor invited biggest post-poll coalition to form the government.

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Hoping that the Governor will call JDS-Congress to form the government, Kumaraswamy alleged that BJP is in a hurry to form the government despite Congress and JDS having numbers on their side. He added that democracy stands threatened by BJP’s Operation Kamala.

“There are people who are ready to leave BJP and come with us. If you try to poach one from ours, we’ll do the same and take double from you. I’m also telling the Governor to not take any decision which encourages horse-trading,” said Kumaraswamy.

The JD(S) leader said that there’s a black spot on his father’s career because of his decision of going with the BJP in 2004 and 2005. It’s his chance to remove that black spot by not allying with BJP.