In a significant political development, the Bihar assembly today passed a unanimous resolution about not implementing the contentious National Register for Citizens (NRC) in the state. The House also passed the resolution not to implement the National Population Register (NPR) in the 2010 format.

The development assumes much significance given the way the BJP is the coalition partner in the ruling Nitish Kumar government in the state. With this, Bihar has become the first NDA-ruled state to decide against the contentious NRC. So far only non-NDA/BJP ruled states such as Kerala, Punjab, Rajasthan, West Bengal, and Chhattisgarh had passed a resolution against the CAA from the assembly.

The opposition described it as the victory of the people. “Under pressures from our demand, the Bihar assembly today passed a unanimous resolution not to implement NRC/NPR in Bihar,” Bihar opposition leader and RJD legislator Tejashwi Yadav said, expressing happiness over it. He claimed they have pushed the BJP back by 1,000 km which declared not to drag its feet even for an inch. “The BJP people watched all this helplessly. Now we won’t allow the government to even implement the newly passed citizenship law,” Tejashwi declared.

Another opposition party, Congress also hailed the resolution, describing it as the victory of the Opposition. “The Congress legislature party (CLP) at its meeting held yesterday had announced to strongly oppose the NRC and NPR in the state assembly and we are happy that the government passed a resolution against them,” CLP leader Sadanand Singh said today.

Much to the happiness of the Opposition, the chief minister also said he had written to the centre seeking omission of contentious clauses from the NPR forms. “I myself don’t know the date of birth of my mother,” he told the state assembly. However, he refused to interfere in the CAA matter terming it as a central subject and added it is about granting citizenship, not about taking away citizenship.