A day before Gujarat Assembly elections for the first phasethe Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP) released its election manifesto, ‘sankalp patra’,  highlighting the party’s vision for next five years in Gujarat.

The Congress had released its manifesto on 4 December, in which it has committed to providing reservation to the Patidar community, a number of schemes for the farming community, allowance to the unemployed youth and providing houses to women under housing schemes.

The BJP had been avoiding the question on its manifesto, which seems to have taken a bit longer than expected for the party.

However, on the eve of the first phase elections, the BJP has released its manifesto highlighting their vision for Gujarat.

The major highlights of the BJP manifesto are:

For the farmers — Cheap manure and fertilizers, improved irrigation facilities, proper rate for the farmers produce, and facility for food processing to be made available to all.

Development of the milk production industry, including improved provisions relating to ‘gau hatiya’ and stringent laws to control it.

Making youth of the state self-reliant, by providing better opportunities in skills development.

Better sports and recreation facilities for the youth and better training facilities.

More focus and importance to women empowerment.

Growth and development of primary education and higher education to be undertaken to take it to levels of excellence.

Development and improvement of health infrastructure in the state including provisions for generic and cheaper drugs for all.

Development of villages in terms of availability of electricity and surfaced roads, construction of pucca houses, building toilets and availability of waste disposable systems.

Systematic development of business and commerce in the state.

Saving the rights of the tribals including the land rights to the community.

Overall improvement for the benefit of the OBC community.

The party manifesto seems to be an attempt to placate all those who seem to have alienated from the party in the last few months.