A group of school students took up a new initiative to celebrate Yoga Day digitally in an innovative manner.

“StudoPrakriti” is the nature Club of “StudoMatrix” a voluntary organisation, founded by Falit Sijariya and centralised in Meerut, organised the event digitally. It’s is a platform for school students working towards promoting holistic development, skill development, character building and contributing in national reconstruction.

Just as today during COVID-19, the countrymen are forced to celebrate Yoga Day at home, only then these students club “StudoPrakriti” have put a challenge before the whole country, in which all the citizens have been asked to do Yoga Asanas according to their capacity of 50 or less, whose photo and video Students will share from the official account of their club.

The most exciting thing about this campaign is that all the participants who will join this campaign will have to nominate 5 more people whom they want to encourage towards yoga and its benefits so that everyone can remain healthy in this crisis. 300 people have been appointed in this campaign and they are working continuously

Participants from various states of the country participated in the celebration of Yoga Day.

This entire event was conducted by Tulika, event head of Studoprakriti and studying in Dewan Public School. Talking to The Statesman she said that such campaigns will enable people to stay healthy and safe and celebrate Yoga Day in their homes even in times of this COVID -19 crisis. She gave entire credit to her team members for the success of this campaign.

“It is difficult to do such campaigns but he and his team’s hard work and hard work has shown them all to be true,” she said.

“StudoPrakriti” has more than 500 members and is currently working all over India, under the guidance of Ridhima Pandey, a renowned climate activist” she informed.