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Visionary Books of PM Modi

In 2015, During COP21 Summit the book “Convenient Action- Continuity for Change” was released.

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Here is a list of books Prime Minister Narendra Modi penned in the last few years.

Convenient Action – Continuity for change

Convenient Action – Continuity for change,  written by PM Narendra Modi is a book reflecting honest intentions, dedication & implementation to address the global problem of climate change. The book is available in major cities of the USA, UK, France, Canada, Australia, Malaysia, and Japan.

In 2015, During COP21 Summit the book “Convenient Action- Continuity for Change” was released.

In this book, PM Modi talks at length about India’s efforts to transform itself into a low-carbon economy.

The book highlights Prime Minister Modi’s vision and strategy to progress pragmatic policy development towards positive climate action and paves the way for the integration of climate change adaptation into all aspects of policy formulation and implementation.

  Letter to Mother

Every night before going to bed, Prime Minister Modi has a habit of writing letters to ‘Jagat Janani’ in his youth. The book Letter to Mother’ was released in June 2020 by Padma Shri awardee journalist Bhawana Somaaya.

“I am not a writer, most of us are not; but everybody seeks expression, and when the urge to unload becomes overpowering there is no option but to take pen and paper, not necessarily to write but to introspect and unravel what is happening within the heart and the head and why,” PM Modi quoted as saying by the publisher.

In this book, you feel the raw intensity, a simmering restlessness which he does not disguise and that is his attraction.”

 Abode of love

As the charismatic politician and successful Prime Minister of India, very few people know about Modi-the author. The book ‘Abode of Love’ was written during 1975-1977 when an Emergency had been imposed in the country.

The stories in this book are centered around the theme of love, and it was published in 2018.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s belief is that a mother’s love is the source of all love and that the kind of love we experience in our lives are reflections and shades of a mother’s love.

India’s Singapore Story

India’s Singapore Story was published in 2015. Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who is on a two-day tour to Singapore delivered the 37th Singapore lecture highlighting the success of ‘India’s Singapore Story

The 37th Singapore Lecture was delivered in November 2015

In his lecture, PM Modi said, “We build the India of our dreams and Singapore is a major partner in the enterprise”.


Prime Minister Modi, who has a strong background of being attached to the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) first as a worker and then as a ‘Prachaarak’, gives elaborate glimpses into the life of the people who are featured in ‘Jyotipunj’.

Jyoti Punj was originally published in 2008.

This book written by PM Modi is a tribute to the many Swayamsevaks of the Sangh who gave their all for the nation.

This is the saga of those ‘Karamveer’ who spent their lives in the service of the motherland. Reading some of the episodes given in the book makes the eyes moist. That selflessness, that belongingness, restrictions, and that struggle of the days of emergency that attitude towards society is really inspirational.