Creativity can’t be clocked

One of the primary arguments in favour of the four-day workweek is that the extra time off leads to better productivity at work. However, look closely and you find that it's only when a four-day workweek is accompanied by reduced weekly work hours that the concept bears fruit.

Major Indian artists at upcoming New York auction series

A diverse contemporary section includes impressive prints and a sculpture by Zarina, and significant works by the region's most renowned practitioners like Atul Dodiya, Anju Dodiya, Ranjani Shettar, Jitish Kallat and Subodh Gupta, to name a few.

300-yr-old Banyan tree in Chandni Chowk awaits saviours

The branches of the towering tree are now being impeded by concrete walls of an under-construction building, which is part of a project being developed by a real estate firm. Realising the threat to the tree that is part of the built heritage of Chandni Chowk, two local residents have even filed a petition in a court.