Jahangir Puri, the north-west entry point into Delhi, falls on the route to Sonepat, Murthal, Karnal and Chandigarh. People travelling to and from Himachal also use this route. There is a heavy influx of residents of Punjab, who travel to the Capital, mainly for work. Yet this area suffers from such poor traffic management that entering Delhi has become a nightmare. Local commuters have become frustrated with the neverending turbulence that stretches from Jahangir Puri to Adarsh Nagar. Vehicles move inch by inch and many zig-zag desperately to get ahead, even if by a few metres.

Despite the wide roads here not more than one or two driving lanes can function because of congestion caused by vendors owning small stalls that line the roads. Heaps of garbage lie uncollected. Amid the traffic are e-rickshaws and autos, moving in all directions paying scant heed to traffic rules. Inattentive locals and hawkers cross the road without looking out for the vehicles. It is no wonder that vehicular accidents are frequently reported in the area.

When the traffic jam slows down, vehicles and commuters are hit by the stinking drainage and a swarm of bees. One does not know which of the two woes is worse. Commuters stuck in these roads sorely wish and hope the authorities that be would take some strong measures to clear the mess and ensure smooth passage. For, is this the kind of impression the Capital city of India wishes to give its visitors right at the entrance?