Nestled in the dense forest and amid lush green hills, the Khabru waterfall and the surrounding Boh valley trail of Kangra district are like something out of a fairy tale. Far from the din of cars, buses and the hustle and bustle of habitation, the Boh Valley lies in the lap of nature and reflects peace and tranquility.

Boh valley is 26 kilometres from the Shahpur area of Kangra district in Himachal Pradesh. Khabru waterfall is nearly six kilometres on foot from Boh village. One can enjoy the fast changing and soothing shades of nature at this place.

The picturesque place is a hidden gem of Kangra, as not many know about this waterfall. “We have not seen much footfall of tourists here. However, as compared to previous years, there is a little increase in number. The youngsters do come for trekking here,” said Raju Kumar, 39, a shopkeeper near Boh village. The mesmerising curtain of water towering nearly 50 feet high cascades into a rocky gorge.

The rich flora and fauna around gives it a mystical aura. The forest of Boh valley is a good place for bird-watchers. There is a camping site near the waterfall. Adjacent to the Khabru waterfall is a temple of Lord Shiva. Local residents come here for worship all through the year, and it is also known as a holy spot for people in the entire interior belt uphill Shahpur.

“The water of Khabru waterfall is very pure and pious. I come every year to this temple of Lord Shiva and to get this holy water for my family,” said Sanjiv Chambyal, 51, from Jasoor, Kangra.

Khabru waterfall apart, Boh is one of the most beautiful villages in Himachal Pradesh. Its charming beauty is embellished by the continuously flowing natural and chilled water on one side along with the natural springs of water, which are in abundance in the valley.

The villagers are mostly dependent on agriculture as there is no shortage of water. They grow vegetables, fruits, crops and some herbs in their fields. There are narrow trails to walk between the fields to reach the waterfalls.

The villagers go to the top of the hills with their cattle during summer, looking for greener pastures. The area has a great potential for tourism and the locals have started demanding development schemes. Said Shitun Devi from Boh village,” It is good if this place is developed for tourism purposes. It will benefit the locals also.”

The area has good road connectivity. However, during the rainy season, the roads get blocked by heavy landslides, thus creating problems for local commuters like school and college going students. Another problem faced by the locals is lack of buyers in the area, as they plant herbs and vegetables but are unable to sell them.

This unexplored and naturally beautiful valley has many more veiled wonders. There are many old temples at this place. According to the villagers, the valley has a short-cut to the astonishing Kareri lake.

Hence, not only Khabru waterfall but the whole Boh valley has great potential to be developed into a breathtaking tourist attraction.