‘I wish to see more women building careers in fields like space, politics, and armed forces’: Sejal Purohit

Although Sejal’s qualifications were in the financial field, her interest always lies in the health and fitness sector. She wanted to come up with something that brought her passion and qualification together.

‘I wish to see more women building careers in fields like space, politics, and armed forces’: Sejal Purohit

(Photo: Sejal Purohit, Founder, Seven Spring)

Sejal Pravin Purohit is the founder of Seven Spring, she expresses her views on the health and development of women in their respective fields, emphasising more on post-pregnancy healthcare of women.

Q- Sejal, you’ve mentioned that you’re interested in the health and fitness sector, and you’ve lost your post-pregnancy weight through healthy ways, and that’s when you came up with your idea of ‘Seven Spring’. Would you like to elaborate on the healthy diet that helped you?

A: I am a Satvik person who follows a simple lifestyle. I usually eat clean, local, traditional, and seasonal food, which is inspired by my grandmother’s kitchen. I prefer having Ragi, Jawar, Bajra, lots of green vegetables, dry fruits, seeds, Jeera water, lemon water, ajwain water, etc. and almost all my meals have balanced amounts of these.


Post-pregnancy, I had put on a lot of weight, and due to which I started feeling depressed. That’s when I realized that I should focus on myself and moreover on my health. I have always wanted to live a healthy life in order to keep my family healthy too because I believe ‘A healthy woman makes a healthy family’. Therefore, I started keeping a watch on what I eat, how much, and at what time. I, now, have my dinner before 7, which keeps my digestive system working better, do yoga regularly and meditate every day.

Moreover, detoxification has helped me a lot to balance my hormones and reduce my weight. I am a strong believer in Ancient Indian Vedas and follow Ayurveda, which has helped me craft my own concoctions out of different herbs, roots, flowers, etc. This has given me fabulous results and that’s the inspiration behind my venture, Seven Spring. I wanted to offer the best I of what I have consumed, which has made me a healthier person, and wanted to do the same for others.

Q- Pregnancy is a big development in a women’s life, the body goes under several changes that sometimes a woman finds difficult to figure out, during that time what precautions can help to figure out what your body needs and how you can fulfil your requirements.

A: I feel pregnancy is a beautiful phase of any woman’s life so one must go with the flow. The right diet and right mindset can help anybody cope with any changes pregnancy brings to the table.

When I was expecting, I followed these rules strictly:
1) Regular yoga and meditation.
2) Read my favorite books and listen to good music.
3) Manifest good energy by visualizing my kid.
4) Eat lots of seasonal vegetables, fruits, walnut, almond, black raisin along with my routine diet.

I think the body always gives signals, one just has to listen before it gets serious and work accordingly. There are no specific precautions that I took during my pregnancy, I just went with the flow.

Q- Sejal, you are a mother and a career-oriented person, you understand it’s difficult to manage between things. Please share what keeps you motivated towards your goals and how can ladies out there adapt that can help them to enjoy what they have not get stressed out of it?

A: I strictly follow two rules to avoid stress:
1) Perfect time management
2) Setting my priorities.

My son keeps me motivated because I feel as humans, we all have our mood swings. I also get upset, feel low but I know what can make me happy and how I can divert my mind. I love cooking, reading storybooks for my son along with the activities I do for myself (Yoga, squash, and reading).

Q- Sejal, as you take interest in the field of health and fitness, how accessible do you think the health infrastructure is for the women of the country?

A: I think it is crucial for any economy to have the perfect health infrastructure not just for women but for everyone. We all realized the value of health infrastructure when suddenly COVID became a part of our lives. Although it sounds cliche, health comes first. If one is healthy, they can achieve other economic targets and contribute to the GDP of their country. So, in order to be the most powerful and strongest economy, we need to have the right and future-oriented health infrastructure.

Q- Sejal, you’ve worked in the field of business management for 10 years, what do you think has changed in terms of women employees and their empowerment, and what changes do you wish to see in the sector?

A: When I started working 10 years ago, we were not aware of the rights of a female employee. The advocacy is so really low. However, things have changed a lot in the last decade, and now due to extensive use of technology, social media, and social influencers, the awareness level is very high. All the more, the Government has been strong and active to support women’s empowerment and security of women at the workplace. Therefore, female employees are very well aware of their rights in the organization and ways to fight back if the need be.

However, in the years to come, I wish to see more women building their careers in fields like space, politics, economic development, and armed forces. Also, they should be equally paid, irrespective of gender bias.