Kiara Advani: Championing women through cinema

Kiara Advani challenges stereotypes with powerful roles in films like “Lust Stories” and “Satyaprem Ki Katha,” spotlighting women’s empowerment in cinema.

Kiara Advani: Championing women through cinema

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Kiara Advani has swiftly risen to prominence in the Indian film industry, known for her powerful performances and her dedication to roles that challenge societal norms. Recently, Kiara represented India at the prestigious Red Sea International Film Festival’s (RSIFF) Women in Cinema Gala Dinner, hosted by Vanity Fair in Cannes. On the second day of the festival, she participated in a Variety panel alongside other distinguished honorees, discussing the evolving opportunities for women in cinema. Let’s delve into her filmography to see how her roles are reshaping the portrayal of women on screen.

Lust Stories (2018)

In this anthology film, Kiara’s standout performance is in Karan Johar’s segment. She plays Megha, a young wife grappling with a sexually unfulfilling marriage. Megha’s journey of self-discovery and sexual awakening is depicted with boldness and authenticity, presenting a woman unafraid to assert her needs and desires. This role was a significant step in portraying women’s sexuality in a frank and honest manner, breaking away from the typical coy representations often seen in Indian cinema.

Guilty (2020)

This intense courtroom drama dives into the intricacies of consent and societal judgments. Kiara stars as Nanki, a songwriter entangled in a campus sexual assault case. Through Nanki’s emotional struggles and the external pressures she faces, the film brings to light the critical issues of victim-blaming and the necessity of believing survivors. Kiara’s portrayal of Nanki is both nuanced and powerful, sparking important conversations around the complexities of sexual assault cases and the societal tendency to scrutinize survivors.


JugJugg Jeeyo (2022)

In this family comedy-drama, Kiara Advani takes on the role of Nainaa, a woman trapped in a loveless marriage. The film addresses themes of infidelity and the societal stigma surrounding divorce and second marriages. Nainaa’s character is vocal about her unhappiness and navigates the challenging path towards divorce, showcasing her determination to seek personal happiness despite societal expectations. Alongside her, Neetu Kapoor’s character, Geeta, also breaks free from conventional norms, highlighting a multi-generational shift towards female empowerment and agency.

Satyaprem Ki Katha (2023)

This romantic drama centers on the struggles within a troubled marriage. Kiara plays Katha, a woman dealing with emotional neglect and seeking fulfillment in her life. The film tackles sensitive issues like sexual abuse within the framework of a love story, portraying Katha’s journey with depth and sensitivity. Her character’s resilience and strength in confronting and overcoming these challenges underscore the importance of prioritizing one’s well-being.


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A Trailblazer in Women’s Empowerment

Kiara Advani’s film journey is a testament to her commitment to portraying strong, complex female characters. By taking on roles that defy traditional stereotypes and highlight important societal issues, she is not only entertaining audiences but also fostering critical discussions around women’s empowerment and agency. Her participation in international forums like the RSIFF’s Women in Cinema Gala Dinner underscores her influence and the global recognition of her efforts to bring meaningful change to how women are represented on screen.

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