Game on: #CricketTwitter to bring an exciting extravaganza for fans

So, it’s no surprise that with the cricket season already underway, Twitter is abuzz with real-time ball-by-ball commentary and conversation.

Game on: #CricketTwitter to bring an exciting extravaganza for fans

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If there’s one thing that has been evident about Indians it’s that they love cricket. In fact, 69% of all people in Twitter India classify themselves as a cricket fan and 30% describe themselves as a huge fan! So, it’s no surprise that with the cricket season already underway, Twitter is abuzz with real-time ball-by-ball commentary and conversation. Fans come to Twitter to not only follow conversations, but to connect with others who share their interests.

They live Tweet the most special updates from the match;

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Profess their love for their favourite players;

Embeddable Tweet: https://twitter.com/WintxrfeII/status/1436950510003621891 and, oftentimes get a chance to interact with them one-on-one.

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To recognise, celebrate and further strengthen this passionate community of cricket fans, Twitter is launching an exciting new global campaign; #CricketTwitter. This campaign will kick-start on 16 September 2021 with a custom emoji that anyone on Twitter can activate by Tweeting with hashtags – #ক্রিকেটটুইটার (Bengali), #CricketTwitter (English) #ક્રિકેટટ્વિટર (Gujarati), #क्रिकेटट्विटर (Hindi), #ಕ್ರಿಕೆಟ್ಟ್ವಿಟರ್ (Kannada), #ക്രിക്കറ്റ്ട്വിറ്റർ (Malayalam), #କ୍ରିକେଟ୍ଟ୍ୱିଟର (Odia), #ਕ੍ਰਿਕੇਟਟਵਿੱਟਰ (Punjabi),  #கிரிக்கெட்ட்விட்டர் (Tamil), #క్రికెట్ ట్విట్టర్ (Telugu), and کرکٹٹویٹر# (Urdu).

Priya Nixon, Sports Partnerships Manager at Twitter India, said, “Cricket is one of the biggest conversations among Indians on Twitter, and becomes even bigger during big-ticket leagues and matches. As fans turn to the service to partake in the on-Twitter cricket action, we’re always looking for new ways to help them engage with these conversations. #CricketTwitter will enhance the second-screen experience that Twitter provides by surfacing the best of the Cricket conversation and making it easier to engage with and participate in.”

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More sports fans are in the ‘Twitter Stands’ than ever as they can experience cricket in a personalised way on the service with –

Event pages: All matches played across the upcoming cricket league season will have dedicated Event pages where people can follow the latest updates from the games in one place. Fans will be able to stay tuned into what their favourite teams, players and experts are Tweeting, and also view premium video content from Twitter’s partners.

Premium content from sports broadcasters: Twitter is partnering with several publishers and broadcasters to bring exclusive sports content to audiences on the service. People can tune-in for highlights, in-match clips and more to enjoy a second-screen experience #OnlyOnTwitter.

Topics: Topics use machine learning to deliver interest-specific Tweets to people’s timeline. Twitter has introduced a dedicated Cricket Topic for fans to stay-tuned to the latest updates from on and off the pitch.

Twitter Lists: Lists allow people to put together several accounts that Tweet about a subject, and follow Tweets from these accounts as a separate timeline. People can put together their own Lists, or follow existing Lists like these from Twitter Moments India (@MomentsIndia) – Cricket, India Cricket, ICC Women’s T20 World Cup Delhi Capitals IPL team, Chennai Super Kings Team, among others.

Twitter Spaces: Spaces is Twitter’s live audio feature that lets people come together to have intimate conversations via voice. People can host or join an ongoing cricket Space to discuss their favourite matches while they’re happening live, talk about a recent update from the cricket universe or to just remember and re-live a memorable match from when they were kids.