Job hunting has taken a spin as professional aggregators are on rise, helping us bag the job of our dreams.While white collared professionals were benefitting from this, the aggregators have extended their hands to the blue collared section, which was earlier marred by lack of respect and congruency in terms of occupation.

For a country like ours, this creates a greater opportunity to mobilise its majority of workforce. India has been famed for its moniker- the land of endless opportunities. Certainly, this keeps on growing with every year, making its workforce lead in sheer scale.

Although the nation has enough people at desks, the demand for blue collared jobs is at an all time high. This can be contributed to the emergence of start-up and e-commerce culture, across the length and breadth of the nation- attracting a high amount of interest around it. The millennial, coming majorly from rural and middleclass strata’s are perpetually on a look out for jobs with easy dispensable cash.

Although there is an abundance of job for different sections, the lack of uniformity plays a hindrance in delivering the right job for the deserving candidates. For the organised workforce there were a lot of platforms available where they could showcase themselves to recruiters across the country as per their skill set and interest, however, the unorganised workforce lacks such a platform. This workforce is still dependent on the traditional ways of getting a job.

Such manpower runs clueless from pillar to post in search of a job, wasting precious time and money. Local placement agency or consultants charge ridiculous amount of money to find them a job and if they fail, the amount is not even returned.

In some industrial areas, local goons collect certain amount from the monthly salary as commission to help hapless individuals in getting a job. Thereby they fall prey in the hands of these monopolistic people and get duped. A great number of big corporate are also at the mercy of such contractors, as they have no other source to hire such manpower. This has created an acute gap of delivering the right job to the apt candidate- leaving both jobseekers and the ones requiring helping a fix.

You have to believe it when people bemoan that it is difficult to find people for menial job, in the current scenario. Fortunately, the evolution of digiscape has come to aid. Digitisation has penetrated very deep into the job circuit, creating the rise of aggregators that cater in empowering the blue-collared workforce. With the penetration of low-cost smartphones and easy access to Internet, the blue collared workforces have taken to job portals to connect with potential employers.

Entrepreneurs have tracked these pulses to create easy to use platforms, which can be accessed by these people. This job market has started reaping the benefits of innovative technology adopted by these enterprising job portals ushering a newer sense of assurance to the flagging section.

These aggregators provide the leverage of mobile apps, data analytics, profile-matching software, data logs and even missed calls, in turn offering these lower-end aspirants well paid and suitable jobs like never before. Even the people seeking for such workers are gaining abundantly as their demands are being met under a safe medium.

The question of safety that was earlier plaguing the menial job network is solved as only seekers providing genuine information are provided the contact of the employer. This is creating a safe and prosperous India where jobs of all strata are met, empowering the economy and workforce in total.

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