What is love? No, it&’s not just the song by Haddaway for his debut album. It&’s a feeling, an emotion which may be defined millions of times but still remains undefined. A mystery to be solved, a lock to be unlocked or a door to be opened – what is it?

Celebrities, artists, stars and creative heads revealed their dreamy side of emotions hidden deep within their hearts to thestatesman.com, as the world spreads love on Valentine&’s Day.

“Love is a selfless feeling,” said director Ajai Sinha, popular for his television soaps Hasratein, Justujoo, Astitva and the recent one Aadhe Adhoore, based on unrequited love.

“It&’s a chase,” says actor Ali Fazal, who was last seen in a cameo role in the American film Furious 7.

Love is compassionate, it is madness, violent and poetic!” the 29-year-old added, giving shape to his thoughts, while for artist Sahaya Sharma, “Love is unconditional.”

Revealing his big heart and the positive side, filmmaker Vikas Bahl said, “Love and let live!”

But is love all about your better-half or the special someone in your life? Isn’t it also about spreading happiness, goodness and cheer in the life of your near and dear ones too?

“Not just with your girlfriend, wife, friends and family, it could also be with your pet,” Sinha lightheartedly said, reflecting a deeper meaning to his jestful words.

Meanwhile, reaching out to all her loved ones, Rupa Nath, a Delhi-based software engineer, has planned something rare and incredible for February 14!

Rupa is buying her mom a teddy bear, a red saree and has booked a roof-top restaurant for her to cherish the moment and make memories with her friends.

"Valentine&’s Day is a day to celebrate love. What can be more special than that? My mom is the most important person for me in the world and so, I want to make it the best day for her,” she says.

But Sahaya associates the day just with lovers, and rightly so, as it is designed essentially for the couples to confess their feelings or rekindle the spark in their love.

“I think it&’s an excuse, but a good one, to show your lover how much they mean to you by pampering them with flowers, chocolates, perfumes or expensive gifts!” she added.

Everyone has a different perspective and a special way of expressing their love, but it only makes the day delightful in a unique way. Because, true love is when the other person&’s happiness matters more than your own!