Avoid greasy and dewy makeup for Holi, suggests expert

When it comes to reminiscing about the memories of Holi, apart from shedding tears to melt and manipulate our parents into getting the biggest possible pichkari (water gun), hunting for old clothes the day before was part and parcel of celebrating the festival of colours.

Avoid greasy and dewy makeup for Holi, suggests expert


When it comes to reminiscing about the memories of Holi, apart from shedding tears to melt and manipulate our parents into getting the biggest possible pichkari (water gun), hunting for old clothes the day before was part and parcel of celebrating the festival of colours. But with the fashion landscape changing, the days of rummaging through your wardrobe for old clothes have become passe, and ‘dress to impress’ has now taken centre stage. But wait, that’s not all! While there is a chance that you will be unrecognisable once you set foot into a Holi bash, can you really give up on the chance to get dolled up and click some Instagram-worthy pictures beforehand?

This Holi season, The Statesman got talking to celebrated visagiste Abhijith Chanda, who is well known for weaving magic through makeup and has worked with some of the finest fashion designers like Sabyasachi and Anamika Khanna and is a well-known name in Tollywood and bijoux designer Sayak Chakraborty, the owner of Jalsaghar_Calcutta, whose intricate silver pieces are trailblazers, giving us an insight on how to ace that perfect Holi look.



We associate Abhijith Chanda with being a makeup genius and a change-maker in the beauty industry; what really sparked your interest in makeup?

I didn’t really think about it before entering the industry. But what I can say is that I was a painter back in my childhood days, and apart from that, seeing my mother transform women into exquisite brides was a fascinating experience for me as a child and was a source of inspiration for me as well.

What is the best part about your job?

I get to meet and interact with diverse people, and more importantly, I have the liberty to explore makeup however I want to. The interaction is what makes my job a lot more interesting for me.

With Holi here, decking up is an integral part of the festivities, so how should one prepare their skin before applying makeup right before attending a Holi bash?

Firstly, make sure to apply your regular moisturiser and sun protection, aka the holy grail, when it comes to protecting your skin from UV rays, your sunscreen. Nowadays, people are a lot more conscious when it comes to their skin and the colours that are being used. Another tip would be to tie your hair nicely after oiling it; this makes removing colours much easier.

Is it best to stick with simple makeup during Holi?

It completely depends on what you want. But I would say that a good foundation adds another layer of protection to your skin when playing Holi. Avoid greasy and dewy makeup as it can retain a lot of colours; rather, I would say a mattified look is the best.

If you had to choose your favourite Holi look, what would it be?

Tied-up hair, a nice lip colour, flawless foundation skin, and lots of mascara.

Can you share some special makeup tips with our readers on how they can ace the perfect Holi look?

I wouldn’t give any specifications when it comes to your Holi look because, when I say something specifically, it might not be the look one is looking for. I would rather say follow your personality and go for the look you want. What I would like to specify is that it’s better to incline towards water-resistant makeup products when decking up for Holi.

Now that we have discussed pre-Holi skincare, what about your take on the post-Holi skin care ritual?

Use a cleansing wipe first to remove the colours, and then go for your good old cleanser and moisturiser. And if your skin burns or irritates, apply some aloe vera gel for relief. However, make sure not to rub your skin to get rid of the colour stains, like we often used to when we were children. This often damages the skin and makes the colour penetrate deeper into the pores.

And lastly, what do you think are the major makeup mistakes that everyone should avoid while decking up for the Holi festivities?

One would be going for greasy, dewy makeup, not going for water-resistant mascara, and lastly, keeping your hair open.


Jalsaghar_Calcutta is identified as a brand that showcases remarkable silver pieces that pay an ode to tradition and the modern aspect likewise. What inspires you to come up with such pieces?

The idea of my brand, Jalsaghar_Calcutta, was not something I was pondering; rather, it sneaked up on me. I have always had an inclination towards anything that is deeply rooted in our culture and have always reflected on it as a source of inspiration. However, rather than sticking to a more customary conventional look, I wanted my jewellery designs to have a traditional outlook but be envisioned from a modern aspect.

What makes silver a remarkable choice for modern women?
There are multiple reasons why silver can be considered an exceptional choice for today’s women. The first would be how pocket-friendly it is when compared to other metals like gold. The next one would be how durable and versatile this metal is. Whether it’s trying to find that perfect minimalist jewellery piece that would enhance your office wear or something to put on while hanging out with friends, wearing gold outside nowadays is often a source of security concern. Adding to that would be the health benefits of silver and its antimicrobial properties.

Now, Holi is synonymous with holi parties and social gatherings, so how do you think that silver jewellery can be teamed up with different attires to celebrate the festivities?

Firstly, if you are going for a Holi bash, it’s better not to wear any jewellery because colours, depending on their quality, can leave stains and damage the natural shine and lustre of silver. However, if you are attending an evening Holi party or a Holi social gathering, you can always go for light silver jewellery. Silver can gel with any kind of attire. You can team up our Makara or Matsya earrings with your attire and brooches for men.

Jewellery and festivities go hand-in-hand. How would you advise everyone to clean and take care of their silver jewellery after the Holi celebration?

I would say taking suggestions from the jewellery designer or the store from which you have purchased your silver jewellery is ideal to get the colour stains removed, but there’s a ‘ghoroa totka’ as well. You can either go for a silver cleaning solution or take some non-abrasive toothpaste and gently rub it onto the jewellery to effectively clean it.