Indian cosmetic industry has been witnessing rapid strides over the past few years. The aggressive marketing and distribution strategy being adopted by companies are opening gateways for the companies to tap new markets. According to industry experts, the market size of our beauty, cosmetics and grooming market will touch 20 billion dollars by 2025 from the current level of 6.5 billion dollars.

According to another study, over 68 per cent of young adults feel that using grooming products boost their confidence. About 62 per cent of young consumers in big cities prefer to buy online beauty and grooming products whereas 45 per cent of consumers tend to buy cosmetics and apparels from any shop of their convenience rather than a single shop. Both quality and value for money is being sought by consumers.

Fulfilling the need-gap prevalent in the industry, Tata Sky in association with F the couch brings Tata Sky Beauty, which will aim to marry the aspirational with the achievable. Replicating the look of Bollywood stars need not be expensive or require someone to go to a salon or a spa.

With a rich trove of content featuring do-it-yourself tips, this service makes it easy to recreate Bollywood’s glamour from the comfort of the living room. Pallavi Puri, chief commercial officer, Tata Sky, shares that this service will inspire and encourage its subscribers to learn, grow and improve in areas that interest them.

Excerpts from an interview:

Q How did you come up with the idea of Tata Sky beauty?

Tata Sky has always been adding to the ordinary TV viewing experience. There are constant researches conducted to gauge customer feedback and how best we can package the service and content to fulfill their needs.

This service has always been focusing on providing “Empower Women” with services such as English learning, cooking, dance studio and fitness. Beauty is the next natural progression.

Q Tell us something about this new feature? Who are your target audience?

Makeup hacks, savvy fashion trends, delightful skin care tips and much more from the best in the industry, is what Tata Sky Beauty promises to bring to households across the country. This interactive service is in partnership with FTheCouch (FTC) Beauty Studio, a Suniel Shetty initiative.

Through this platform, celebrity makeup experts and stylists such as Bharat & Dorris, Ambika Pillai, Subhash Singh, Shan Mu, Aalim Hakeem, Anju Modi, Tarun Tahiliani, Kavita Bhartiya, Payal Jain and skin care experts like Swati Maheshwari will help to recreate Bollywood’s glamour from the comfort of your living room.

The service also boasts of a pool of social media talents such as Shruti Anand, Noorin Sha, Hesha Cheema, et al. Targeted towards women across age group of 18 to 40 years and above, this is all about marrying the aspirational with the achievable.

Q Indian cosmetic market has been witnessing rapid strides over the past few years. How will this service add in fulfilling the need-gap prevalent in the industry?

Being presentable is of paramount importance at all ages adding to one’s self-esteem. Across Tata Sky subscribers, over 68 per cent of young adults feel that using grooming and styling boost their confidence. Learning makeup, fashion, skincare from home at the click of a button with Tata Sky Beauty, is a big opportunity for small town girls and women in tier 2 cities.

Since freedom to step out and access to finding the suitable Internet videos or trusting available sources is limited. Also access to the best of makeup artists and fashion designers of leading TV/Bollywood celebrities is not possible for women living away from big metros. Tata Sky Beauty hence will reach out to the corner of the country with its celebrity beauty experts.

Q What are your strategies on value added or interactive services?

Tata Sky is India’s leading content distribution platform providing Pay TV and OTT services. With the objective of connecting to the best content in the world on any budget, any screen, anytime and anywhere.

This service provider was the first to launch multiple products and services that redefined the subscribers viewing experience in the country. It has worked well and hence we continue to innovate and enhance our offerings, meeting customer needs and changing preferences.