Fatema Sohail ,wife of actor and singer Mohsin Abbas Haider has alleged that her husband was having an extra-marital affair with a model and on confronting him, the latter physically abused her when she was pregnant.

She made the statement in a detailed post she shared on her unverified Facebook handle( on Sunday night) along with pictures of a bruised face and an FIR to validate her statement.

She wrote, “On 26th Nov 2018, I caught my husband cheating. When I confronted him, instead of being embarrassed he started Beating me. I was pregnant at that time!

“He pulled me from hair, dragged me on floor, kicked me several times, punched me on face & threw me on the wall. I was brutally beaten by my husband,” she added.

She further added that she decided to “make her marriage work for my own child”. “Societal Pressure or my own confidence. I do not know what ..but I decided to make my marriage work for my own child.”

Fatema also claimed that Haider was not present when she delivered their child and alleged that he was with his girlfriend at that time. She said her husband came to meet her two days later only to click pictures to grab public attention.

A month later, she added, she “went to Mohsin’s Home & asked him to take our son’s responsibility where he started beating me again! He refused to do anything for his son,” she claimed.

“I have no idea how I will raise my child on my own …but I know Allah will help me,” Fatema said, adding that “proves are attached”.

Following Fatema’s public post and stand, two Pakistani actors, Dua Malik and Mirza Gohar Rasheed, came out in support of her.

Dua Mailk took to her official Instagram handle and wrote, “i still stand by my verdict, i am an eye witness. say no to #domesticabuse You can not scare women! #kabtakdaraogay?”


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Reportedly, Malik had also shared an Instagram story stating that that she was an “eye witness” to the whole affair for the last three years and had “seen him ( Mohsin) beating the shit out of his wife on the road and where not.”

In addition, Mirza Gohar came out in support for Fatima on Twitter. From his unverified handle, he wrote, “The injustice that took place with #FatimaSohail, I was a second hand witness to it in 2018 when my friend took #Fatima to the hospital after she had been beaten up by #MohsinAbbasHaider Through her I got to know the whole Story. Fatima is like a sister to me (1/3)”

He also shared that since Fatema wanted to save her marriage and ensure her baby was healthy, they kept quiet but ” now since she is out with the truth her self (more power to you #fatima) (2/3) #justiceforfatima.”

Some members of the Pakistani film industry have come out in support of Fatima. Actor Osmann Khalid Butt took to Twitter, saying, “I’ve been staring at this screen, grappling with the images I saw, trying to form a coherent sentence.There is a special place in hell reserved for anyone who would lay so much as a finger on a woman.”

Parliamentary leader of Pakistan Peoples Party(PPP) Sherry Rehman also offered help. She wrote on her official Twitter handle, “Fatima like so many others,needs help. Am available in Islamabad at any point to meet and take this up.Many legislators feel very strongly about abuse and domestic violence. We worked for years on the lawmaking against it. Please feel free to DM me to coordinate any response.”