British theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking, who led an extraordinary life, died on 14 March. His real story inspired several reel ones during his lifetime, and the 2014 full-length film The Theory of Everything has been the most popular of all. British actor Eddie Redmayne had flawlessly essayed the role of a wheelchair-borne Hawking and won several awards for it. Understandably, Hawking had been special to Eddie who always spoke very high the renowned scientist.

In an interview, Eddie got candid about the celebrated physicist he played in the Academy Award-winning film. Watch the video here.

Talking about meeting Stephen Hawking in the interview with Jimmy Kimmel in 2015, the British actor described him as “as one of the most charismatic men he’s ever met and he’s definitely a ladies’ man.”
He also said that Hawking has “kind of shabby and cool sex appeal,” which reminds him of James Dean. He also divulged that due to his nerves he kept saying “Professor Hawking” repeatedly to which Stephen said: “Call me Stephen.”

Redmayne then joked that because you can’t change the tone of the voice equipment that Hawking used to communicate, he wasn’t sure whether he had told him to call him by his name in a really friendly gesture or in a “stop being such a sycophant” way.

-With IANS inputs