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Watch: Bigg Boss winner Gautam Gulati impersonates ‘Batman’s Joker

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The former Bigg Boss winner and television actor Gautam Gulati just took a risk of imitating an iconic character from a popular Hollywood film. The actor has grabbed the attention of people on social media by uploading a thread of posts dressed as Joker from Batman.

Not sure how the Joker fans would react but Gautam Gulati has announced his admiration for the character. He took to Instagram and posted a picture and captioned it, Childhood is when you idolise Batman. Adulthood is when you realize the joker makes more sense.’

Childhood is when you idolise BATMAN Adulthood is when you realise the joker makes more sense

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Check out the Gautam’s portrayal of the famous clap scene.


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Recently, Gautam Gulati got involved in an ugly spat with another Bigg Boss contestant Kushal Tandon for making a statement during an event about the television industry. The Beyhadh actor lashed out at Gautam for saying,’Television is not his cup of tea anymore.’

Kushal Tandon took to Twitter and voiced his opinion, he tweeted,”Not my circus not my monkey! Well, where did u come from, where did u go ?U were not even a monkey of tv Respect the circus! This showbiz is a circus and there are all sorts of animals! Sum are tigers, horse, blah, and monkey! R u even that #repect d medium! Mr. London movie (sic).”