In the coming episodes of the popular television show Koi Laut ke aaya hai, the love track will soon take a u-turn and a slap sequence would be visible.

After Surbhi Jyoti ‘s slap to Shaleen Malhotra, it is now time for Surbhi Jyoti to get a slap.

In the coming episodes, Nivedita Bhattarcharya will be seen slapping Surbhi for misbehaving with Ekroop Bedi.

“The doctors would reveal that Chanda is pregnant and when Geetanjali will get to know that her husband was not driving Abhimanyu’s car, she will confront her and blame conspiracy. This is when Ratna will step in and stop Geetanjali and also hint at Rishabh (Sharad Kelkar) being the father of Chanda’s unborn baby, “the sources revealed.

Shocked by the revelation, Geetanjali will confront Rishabh, who will deny his association.

Will Geetanjali manage to put all allegations to rest?

Stay tuned to find out!