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Are you a die-hard fan of ‘Bigg Boss’? Seems like these habits are relatable enough

Here are a few habits that Bigg Boss die-hard fans can easily relate to.

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Bigg Boss Season 13 is currently on a roll. The three-months run-time show has already gained much public attention and is always high on TRPs. While the show has managed to garner a lot of fans in just a few days, these fans have undoubtedly developed some habits while watching the show. And, some of them have already started wondering what are they going to do when this show finally goes off the air. During these three months’ time, fans develop a few habits and it takes time to get back to normalcy.

Here are a few habits that Bigg Boss die-hard fans can easily relate to.

Dinner time means Bigg Boss time

Bigg Boss fans often change their dinner timings. It’s more like a dinner date for them, where they don’t entertain any kind of distraction from anyone. Not just this, but BB fans, at this time don’t allow anyone to enter their room. They aspire for a commendable level of concentration and dedication at this time and if anyone dares to create any nuisance, mind it you can’t escape from them.

Being greedy

This is something that every BB fan can directly relate to. A show of one hour is not enough for them. They want to enjoy all the brawls, badmouthing, abuses and everything. For this, they switch to the uncut scenes, either on the app or late night on TV. Mostly during their lunch hour at work, you will find them plugged in watching the extra shots which don’t air on TV.

What’s hot today

What about discussing the last night’s show in the office? Whenever it’s free time, it’s moreover like a Bigg Boss gossiping time. One always has Bigg Boss scoop to discuss with your work bestie. To find someone who watches the drama as religiously as you do is the need of the hour. Where mostly you’ll find people judging your choice of entertainment on how you even tolerate the trash, that one mate who loves it as much is a rare and precious find.

Plan outing accordingly

Feeling surprised? Don’t feel so. There are people who actually delay their outings and social life just not to miss even a single episode of this show. Even if they go out, they always make sure to come back to the corner of their comfort to enjoy their favourite show. Not just that, they believe their weekends are sorted with Salman Khan’s “Weekend ka Vaar”. So don’t be surprised if they cancel on plans of stepping out.