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Bigg Boss 13, Day 127, Feb 4: Asim clears his relationship with Himanshi; Rashami says ‘no future’ with Arhaan Khan

Rashami says on being asked about trusting Arhaan even when other people warned her that it becomes difficult to take such decisions overnight.

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Tuesday’s episode of Bigg Boss 13 begins with Shehnaaz talking to Rashami about Asim who stayed with the latter all the time but flipped when Himanshi entered the house. Arti also agrees to this fact. Shehnaaz then says that Rashami should not trust Arhaan too. Rashami says on being asked by Arti that she knew about Arhaan’s marriage but she did not know about his child. She also says that the other girl (implying Arhaan’s wife) had beautifully moved on. Arti says that she should have confronted Himanshi and Asim for speaking about her life.

Later on, Shehnaaz denotes the name of family members to her fellow housemates. She makes Paras and Mahira her parents, Sidharth her husband and so on. Meanwhile, Sidharth tells Shehnaaz that he already praises her so why does she feel the need of others to do the same. Shehnaaz tries to provide her explanation about the same. Sidharth advises Shehnaaz not to harm herself by giving the example of one of his friends whom he lost in the course of his life. He asks her to call him if she faces any problem in her life.

Later on, the two of them enact a funny conversation which they will probably have after many years. Meanwhile, Sidharth and Shehnaaz have a conversation about their imaginary marriage in front of Rashami. Later on, Arti disguises as a ghost and enters the bedroom to scare others with the help of Sidharth, Paras and Mahira. She then goes and scares Shehnaaz thereby leaving her in shock. Arti then goes and tries to scare Asim and Mahira too.

Sidharth tries to pacify Shehnaaz who breaks down into tears. The next morning, housemates wake up and dance to an energetic song. Meanwhile, Sidharth and Shehnaaz continue their fun banter. Mahira says that she wants the last 13 days to end soon to which Paras tells her that she will miss all of these soon. He then asks her not to irritate him and calls her an international star sarcastically. This irks Mahira and she walks away asking him to do his own work.

He then says that there is no difference between Mahira and Rashami if she is also asking him to knead the dough despite having an injured finger. This angers Mahira post which a fight ensues between the two of them. Later on, Mahira tries to pacify Paras but he refuses to listen to her and confronts her for throwing things in the kitchen. Arti also comes and tries to calm him down. Mahira walks away post which Paras asks Arti to stay away from their matters. However, the two of them reconcile later on.

Mahira then says that she won’t talk to Paras after Bigg Boss who then hilariously asks what she will do after that. The two of them hug each other later on. Bigg Boss announces that Sidharth’s interim captaincy has finally ended and asks the housemates to get ready for a process which will happen soon. Later on, a press conference is held for all the housemates which is attended by numerous reporters who have come to ask a few questions.

The first question is for Sidharth who is asked what changes he has witnessed in the course of the show. He says that he has been the same throughout. Rashami also answers the very same question by saying that she has become mentally strong. Paras says on being asked about his bond with Mahira that their friendship will apparently continue outside. On being asked the reason behind being offended when people say that she is in the show because of Paras, Mahira says that she does not like these words as she would have been with someone else if he was not there. Rashami gives a diplomatic answer about Arhaan and says that she has no future with him on being asked about the same. Sidharth says that he is single upon being asked about his relationship status. Another reporter asks Mahira the reason behind getting offended by criticisms even when she criticizes others. Mahira says that she did the same when Rashami commented on her lips.

On being asked about her equation with Sidharth, Rashami says that there have been ups and downs about the same. Sidharth also says that they are just co-existing and that he will behave with Rashami the same way she behaves with him. On being asked about SidNaaz, Sidharth says that it does not matter to him which is something that happens in social media.

On being asked about irritating instead of entertaining in the show at times which portrays her negatively, Shehnaaz says that the thing which people are seeing outside is her true self. Rashami says on being asked about trusting Arhaan even when other people warned her that it becomes difficult to take such decisions overnight. She also says that she is done with these things. Rashami says that she has a personal tiff with Sidharth because of which fights ensue between the two of them. She also says that eventually things were sorted out between the two of them.

Another reporter asks Asim whether aggression is his only game which leaves the other housemates in splits. He says that it is necessary to voice opinions at times which lead to aggression. Arti says that it is not wrong to come in between fights and that she has no problem being an underdog. Another reporter asks Paras about Akanksha to which he says that he has no idea whatever she is doing outside. He further says that he was working two days before entering the show and that he is getting paid for the same.

Paras further questions that if he is getting paid then how come someone else is bearing his expenses. He also talked about clearing things outside later on. Meanwhile, on being asked whether his game was spoiled after Himanshi’s entry, Asim tried to provide his own point of view. Shehnaaz is asked whether she is playing love-games because of changing statements related to Paras, Sidharth, Kartik Aaryan and Gautam Gulati. She tries to provide her own point of view about the same. Shehnaaz admits she has a good feeling for Paras and that she has an emotional attachment for Sidharth. On being asked about Shehnaaz’s game, Sidharth says that he likes being with her despite everything. Shehnaaz adds that she feels protective with Sidharth and that she is not sure about Gautam and others. On being asked how he will react if he does not win the show, Sidharth says that if it does not happen then it will be sad. Asim says that he does not have any girlfriend on being asked about the same.

Arti is asked the reason behind being so under-confident about winning the game. She then says that there are so many housemates inside the house who have a huge fan following that definitely worries her. She further says that her confidence has now boosted a lot after Krushna, Rashami and Sidharth encouraged her. Sidharth and Asim provide their own point of view when being asked about their fights. A reporter asks Shehnaaz the meaning of flipper post which she says that she is not aware of the same. The reporter then says that it means ‘bin painde ka lota.’ She is also asked whether she wants to portray herself negatively in the show which she denies. Another reporter confronts the housemates for trying to be bigger than Bigg Boss at times, speaking English, cancelling tasks, etc. They try to provide their explanations. Asim and Paras are asked why they are taking time to end their older relationships if they have found their connections inside Bigg Boss. While Paras admits about having a relationship, Asim on the other hand, says that they have nobody outside. After that, the housemates eventually answer questions asked by the reporters.

Rashami answers about Arhaan’s topic and clarifies that she was unaware of his marriage and child. One of the reporters asks Sidharth for being the perfect ‘sanskari’ playboy to which he says that it better suits Paras. She further asks Paras and Mahira the reason behind talking about dividing Sidharth and Shehnaaz. Bigg Boss interrupts in between and clarifies that they have not talked about such things. Sidharth is also asked whether he is maintaining a distance from Shehnaaz after being warned by Salman.

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