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Bigg Boss 13, Day 112, Jan 20: Housemates fight for membership in Elite Club; Sidharth-Asim verbal duel continues

Sidharth clarifies Rashami’s stance on what happened and he also speaks to Paras about Asim’s fight.

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Monday’s episode of Bigg Boss 13 begins with Mahira Sharma, Paras Chhabra, and Shefali Jariwala discuss the breakfast duty that has been assigned to Rashami Desai and Paras Chhabra and cut to, arguments follow when Paras refuses to make paranthas and says he will just do the burji and tea. Everyone starts arguing at the top of their voices and Mahira constantly pokes Rashami by questioning why is Asim speaking for her and then both Mahira and Paras also say how he is playing the sympathy card. Arti Singh then goes out and talks to herself while saying that they are just doing this because they were told on the Weekend that they are not being seen while Shehnaaz Gill mimics Arti. Meanwhile, Paras and Mahira talk about what just happened.

Sidharth then argues with Shehnaaz and in fact, tells her that he wants to change his bed and when she tries to make things look funny, their argument only escalates. Sidharth continues to be annoyed and when she goes to him to feed him a bite of the parantha, she drops it all around, adding to his annoyance. Rashami Desai and Mahira indulge in some sarcastic banter while Rashami also asks Sidharth for paranthas but he denies, saying he is pissed off.

Meanwhile, Paras and Mahira discuss why people are making an issue about their friendship now and why is everyone suddenly feeling that something is going on between the two. Another argument ensues at the end of the day between Paras and Asim when the latter asks him to help Rashami, and then it all escalates when Mahira raises an issue about Asim taking a stand for Rashami. Shehnaaz and Vishal talk about Madhurima Tuli and she also asks him if he will meet her outside the house. Vishal goes on to confess that he still has feelings for her while Shefali and Paras also talk about his girlfriend Akanksha Puri as she tells him that he should go out and give the relationship a closure. During this conversation, Mahira tells Paras to not do anything that will hurt Akanksha and Paras says that he will not play the game according to her.

Late in the night, Shehnaaz, Asim, Paras, and Rashami talk about Mahira’s equation with Paras and their game. The next morning, more arguments follow over coffee and other items when Mahira gets into an argument with Asim. Later, Mahira asks Shehnaaz if she fought with Sidharth and she tells her what happened. Asim and Mahira’s argument continues while Sidharth tells Arti how he keeps changing things. Arti then gets into a fight with Asim and Paras joins in too later. Sidharth and Vishal to get involved in the argument as well and the fight shifts to a one between Sidharth and Asim. Sidharth also tries to explain things to Rashami and when Asim tells him why he is speaking in between, another fight follows in the house.

Shehnaaz goes to Arti and tells her that she has done curls because Sidharth does not like it, and this becomes another topic of argument between them. Now, it is time to find out the next member of the BB Elite Club and while Paras reads the instructions, he explains the task and also announces Asim as the sanchalak. Everyone begins planning the task while Shehnaaz is sitting all by herself. The first three to sit on the horses are Arti, Mahira, and Rashami. The first to go down by majority is Rashami and she exchanges the seat with Vishal. He turns around while sitting on the horse and this leads to a fight between Asim and Sidharth and they shout at the top of their voices. Things turn violent and Bigg Boss interferes and asks both of them to move away.

Arguments follow inside amongst the housemates post the fight while Shehnaaz indulges in some fun banter and Bigg Boss then announces that one cannot get down from the horse, however, he also says that the decision will be made by the sanchalak. The fights don’t stop there itself as both Asim and Sidharth get more aggressive. Amidst all the arguments, Shehnaaz also has a fun time saying how there’s no one to support her now. Sidharth clarifies Rashami’s stance on what happened and he also speaks to Paras about Asim’s fight.

Now, Arti and Shehnaaz get into an argument once again while Vishal and Rashami keep exchanging seats on the horse. Meanwhile, Shehnaaz and Paras have a conversation about who supports her in the house while Asim and Rashami talk about Sidharth too. And with the final buzzer, Mahira, Arti, and Rashami become the contenders for elite club membership. Shefali and Sidharth are happy that all three contenders are girls while Sidharth and Rashami have a conversation about what happened and he gets into an argument with Asim once again. Conversations over the fight follow amongst other housemates. Asim gets angry at Rashami for all the concern she had for Sidharth and vice-versa. Rashami and Asim discuss the game among other things and also clarify things.

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