Telugu film producer Sannareddy Bhargav Reddy,  owner of Bhargav Art Productions, was found dead in suspicious conditions at Pambali coast in Vakadu Mandal on May 8.

Son of veteran filmmaker S Gopal Reddy, Bhargav (47) had reportedly gone to take a walk on the beach where he was found dead later.

Bhargav came to Vakadu from Chennai on Monday (May 7) evening to interact with the staff of a hatchery owned by him.

According to media reports, Bhargav’s dead body was recovered between Anjalapuram and Srinivasa Puram villages on the coast in the morning hours.

Bhargav had reportedly gone to the beach along with his pet dog and never returned back to his hotel. The producer’s body was kept at a private hospital as his sister was said to be on the way from abroad after being informed of her brother’s sudden demise.

As per reports in The Hans India, Bhargav was walking his dog on the beach when a sudden gigantic tidal wave swept both of them away.

The body of the producer was found on Tuesday morning after the staff members and villagers started searching for him.