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My son Tiger is my inspiration: Jackie Shroff

Jackie Shroff also called Jaggu Dada, is known for his bindaas and tapori style.

Lakshita Vohra | New Delhi |

Bollywood actor Jackie Shroff aka Jaikishen Kakubhai Shroff, also called Jaggu Dada, is known for his bindaas and tapori style. Jackie Shroff was last seen in JP Dutta’s Paltan and will be next seen in Bharat in which he will play Salman Khan’s father.

In an interaction with, the actor talked about his association with Thalassemia India and about his son Tiger Shroff.


How did you get associated with Thalassemics India?

Ms Nanni approached me to be associated with the cause of Thalassemia. My mother-in-law made me aware of thalassemia and I thought since it’s preventable, why not spread awareness.

Would you like to share your personal connection to the cause?

I wasn’t aware of thalassemia until my mother-in-law made us aware about it before we had our babies. Without the help of the press, I can’t do anything. I don’t consider just myself as the brand ambassador. We all being conscious citizens are brand ambassadors. If we only educate our own staff, kitchen and office… I think the message and awareness will spread faster.

It has been so many years since Hero. What are the main changes you have seen in the industry? 

A lot of technology has changed. Sky has opened up. There was a time when there were not enough cinema halls. Now I can watch songs, films whatever I want on my phone, at my comfort. What has not changed are emotions. A film like Lion King — there’s a lot of technology and no actors but I cried because of the emotion in the film.

Who is your greatest inspiration in the film industry?

My son Tiger Shroff is my inspiration.

As an actor father, what advice do you give Tiger?

Respect people and to stay the way he is.

Box office success or critical acclaim?

Definitely box office collection for the investors and producers to be happy and make more films that get critically acclaimed. It’s a dream to have a film that gets critically acclaimed and rocks at the box office.

What is your fitness secret?

Pranayam and farming are my health mantra.

Is there anyone in the new generation of actors (apart from Tiger) who is your favorite and you would like to work with?

Each and everyone has their own style. I want to work with all.