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Rasika Dugal doesn’t take rejections or successes ‘too seriously’

Her films such as “Manto”, “Hamid” and “Kshay” have been to various film festivals.

IANS | Mumbai |

Actress Rasika Dugal, known for featuring in critically acclaimed movies like Kshay and Qissa, says she has learnt not to take rejections or successes too seriously.

“As an actor, it’s (her acting career) up and down. That’s the beauty of it and that’s the difficulty of it as well. I think over the years, I have learnt to sort of not take either the rejections or successes too seriously because as an actor, you are mostly leaving your life to chance because getting a part in a film that you want, the film getting made, the film releasing…all of these things are…if you think of it logically, these are miracles,” Rasika said.

“It’s like a house of cards. It can collapse any minute. So, I have decided to leave much of my life to chance. That comes with a lot of insecurities, but it also comes with a lot of excitement,” she added.

Her films such as Manto, Hamid, and Kshay have been to various film festivals. Asked if she fears being labelled as the “film festival actress”, she said: “I don’t mind. It’s a label that I will proudly wear because this is the place where people know maximum about cinema and if I can appeal to an audience at a festival, I would think that my work is good.”

She is currently seen in a series titled Mirzapur.