Every Bengali film buff would remember the Prosenjit Chatterjee-Ranjit Mallick’s duo in the popular films. These two actors have featured in over 20 films together. Recently, the Mayurakshi actor retweeted a clip featuring Ranjit Malik and Koel Malik and it would definitely make you nostalgic and put a smile on your face.

The clip of The Telegraph’s interview has the father-daughter duo Koel and Ranjit, brainstorming why the actor got the title ‘The belt man.’ Koel reveals to his father that there are a lot of trolls going around about his famous dialogue ‘Chabke pither chaal tule debo’ (To beat someone till their skin peels off-loosely translated in English). Not only that, the title is being mentioned on his Wikipedia page too, says Koel. The actors have a hearty laugh and Ranjit hints that there can be something similar to the dialogue in his film Honeymoon.

However, the most funny part is how Prosenjit Chatterjee reacted to the video. He took to Twitter and retweeted the clip with a caption that reads, “Sobche beshi ami mar kheyechi,” (I have been beaten up the most). Remembering the days when Prosenjit and Ranjit Mallick had to shoot such scenes in their film, the actor tweeted this.