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After Powder, Netflix brings YRF TV’s Mahi Way; what’s next?

Four more Yash Raj Films TV should return as web series.

Lakshita Vohra | New Delhi |

Yash Raj Films set foot on the Indian television TV scene in 2010 claiming to have brought fresh and engaging storylines that showed the passions of a young India. Sony TV aired six shows, all different from each other in terms of story-lines, scripts and treatment. But while the shows with movie-like production qualities had a lot of promise, they did not garner as much TRPs as expected.

Used to saas-bahu sagas for a long time, the audience did not give the progressive-looking limited-episode series a good response, dashing all their hopes to return for a second season.

The audience behaviour has since changed, however, with the web series market opening up. Riding the new wave, Powder and Mahi Way, two of the six YRF Television shows, have now come to Netflix.

If the response is good, viewers devoid of progressive content on TV may look forward to watching more such shows.

Let’s ride back to the six YRF TV shows of 2010 with contemporary subjects.


The crime drama series dealt with the menace of drugs business in India. Gritty, realistic and contemporary, Powder maintains a tight and fast pace, displaying the extensive research gone into it. After failing to gain much TRPs in 2010, Powder is back to viewers as a web series on Netflix. Prominent actor Manish Chaudhary plays Usmaan Malik, the head of Narcotics Control Bureau who is after dreaded drug lord Naved Ansari, played by a critically acclaimed Pankaj Tripathi whose work in Newton got a lot of praise recently. Powder is said to have been inspired by international TV series The Wire, though it has been completely localised as a Mumbai story with the city almost becoming a character in the plot.

Mahi Way

Mahi Way is the second of the YRF lot to make a comeback. It is the story of Mahi, a young, fat 25-year-old girl who wants a successful career, meet her prince charming, and make a name for herself in the world — and she wants all this being “herself”. She finally embraces her true self amid all odds and crumbling relationships. All the episodes are available on Netflix now.


The series touches on the topic Indians are most obsessed with after Bollywood and cricket – marriage! It is the story of two friends — Rohan Mehra and Isha Mirchandani — who run a matrimony business together. Through the several pairs looking to tie the knot with the help of Rohan and Isha’s, the show deals with the changing dynamics of the relationship between a man and a woman of this day and age trying to put up with the pressures of traditions and family values. The brilliant chemistry between the lead pair played by Kavi Shastri (Rohan) and Shruti Seth (Isha) — two college friends who turn business partners and later develop deeper feelings for each other — had many hooked to the show aired on Sony TV in 2010. Fans will surely love to see them again.

Khottey Sikkey

Khottey Sikkey is also a crime drama revolving around activities happening in Mumbai. The show has an unlikely gang of five privileged youngsters and a stubborn cop, played by Vikas Kumar, trying to combat the crimes. The cast included Hasan Zaidi who played Mohit Kishenchandani, Puru Chibber (Hameer Rizvi) and Mark Farrokh Parekh (Allyush Khetarpal) among others.


It is an adaptation of British author Jeffrey Archer’s Kane and Abel. The story set in Mumbai of the 1940s has two protagonists Aditya Raj Merchant and Kabir Khan who were born on the same day but into two families different like chalk and cheese. While Aditya (played by Viraf Phiroz Patel) was born into a wealthy industrialist’s family and becomes a powerful industrialist himself, Kabir Khan played by Rahul Bagga lives under dire circumstances but rises to become a worthy competitor to Aaditya.

 Seven – The Ashvamedha Prophecy

7 ancient sages, 7 special powers, 7 doomed destinies, 1 ultimate battle of Good Vs Evil. Inspired by mythology, but set in a contemporary world, the show explores the journey of seven ordinary people with extraordinary powers and their quest to fulfill an ancient prophecy and save the world from evil forces.