Ahead of the much awaited release of National Award-winning director Nitin Kakkar’s Notebook, the film’s producers Murad Khetani and Ashwin Varde shared their thoughts on the journey of Notebook.

“This film is a trendy yet different love story. The basic premise attracted us to the film — can you fall in love with someone you’ve never met? The thought is very novel, but what was more exciting is the manner in which the story progresses,” said Murad Khetani.

Ashwin Varde added: “We have always seen the usual boy-meets-girl kind of conventional love stories. But what happens when the boy never meets the girl? Can love still happen? Notebook tells you that it can. And it shows you how in the most beautiful manner. That’s the USP of the film.”

Both producers shared that making the film with Salman Khan was an experience they would cherish. Murad noted, “Apart from being one of the biggest superstars in the country and a huge brand, Salman has got a deep understanding of scripts. He has been very co-operative as a producer and open to new ideas.”

Varde said the music of the film, which was doing quite well, had also been contributed by the actor. “He (Salman) has a very keen ear for music and that really helps,” he added.

The producers also praised two actors Zaheer Iqbal and Pranutan Bahl will debut with this film.

On Zaheer’s debut, Ashwin said, “Zaheer was the first person to be cast because Salman bhai was going to launch him. After that, Murad, bhai and I met him and decided that we would make a film with him. We had been looking for the right script for him. He always had the potential, the talent and the persona that’s needed for the big screen.”

Pranutan Bahl was cast after auditioning over 100 people.

Murad recalled, “Firdaus (Pranutan’s character) has several layers. We were just not getting anyone right for it. Then one day, we saw Pranutan’s pictures. We showed them to Salman bhai. He called up Mohnish Bahl (Pranutan’s father) and she was called to audition. She was so good that we didn’t need to look any further.”

Pranutan Bahl is the granddaughter of yesteryear actor, the late Nutan.

The film will release on 29 March.